Scholarships as Business Process Outsourcing Investment

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Cebu City, a prime call center destination in the Philippines, has its government riled up as the province continues to become a top contributor in the country’s overall voice-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) condition.

The Cebu City Government is giving away 5,000 scholarships to students who would want to start their career as professionals in the field of BPO and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).

The move was made to ensure that Cebu does manage to give the non-voice outsourcing investments in the Philippines a much-deserved boost. India currently holds the monopoly over KPO, which includes non-voice responsibilities such as consultancy, banking, finance, and human resource management.

Joel Mari Yu, managing director of Cebu Investment and Promotions Center (CIPC), stated that the local business process outsourcing sector should always prioritize the recruitment of qualified applicants and steer away from building call center agencies with a quantity of incompetent employees.

Yu added that the Cebu’s local government will continue to push the province as the archipelago’s top-tier call center destination. Aside from voice-based solutions, the government is also planning to promote the province as the number one location from where the country will render and operate its KPO services to foreign investors.

The City Government will start its campaign to educate and train qualified scholars with English proficiency examinations and assist them to qualify for positions in call center companies such as support representatives or accent coaches, Vice Mayor Joy Augustus Young stated.

Young has divulged that additional training courses will be given to city college scholars, though the project is only limited to students who are enrolled at a four-year course.

The program will also involve additional trainings to public high school instructors in English, and adopt a more consistent educational module that will upgrade their competency to speak and write proper American English.



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