Socialize Online: How to Boost Social Media Engagement

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Success in #SocialMedia is more than big numbers; it’s about genuine human connection and engagement.
– Tamara McCleary, International speaker and global social media influencer

Do your online activities end in good social media engagement? You actively post campaigns, ads, and events on your accounts, but how “sociable” and effective are these efforts in reaching your target audience? If they don’t interact much with your brand, then you have to change the way you connect with them.

how to boost social media engagement

Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

Sociable posts establish engagement. When audiences find your content interesting, they will click, like, and share it with their social media accounts. If you don’t socialize, there will be no engagement, no leads, and no brand recognition.

If you’re struggling to spark engagement, then you need to level up the way you socialize by doing the following:

• Create engaging content
• Ask questions
• Include quotes
• Set a competition
• Make polls
• Invite guest posts
• Schedule posts daily
• Post about current events

a marketer thinking of boosting social media engagement

Rules to Follow

Here are a few rules to remember for a more effective social media engagement across platforms:

• Original content is the heart of every social media campaign.
• Listening to your audience is crucial to your strategy development.
• Develop your community; interact and communicate with your followers so you’ll succeed.
• Offer something unique to make your brand stand out.

To socialize means to engage. No matter what you post and how often you do it, your audience won’t interact if you ignore the value of “socialization”. Answer their queries in a timely manner. Find your brand’s personality and use it for a unique social media marketing strategy.

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