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Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Increase Your Talent Pool

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Recruitment is a tedious process. It is the core process wherein the organization acquires it manpower and personnel. This process provides a pool of qualified candidates who would eventually be hired to undertake the tasks required for the business to fully function.


This is a strategic move of a company to continuously provide quality service at a lower cost. Since recruitment is an expensive management process, many companies prefer to transfer this activity to a third-party service provider.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is an effective way of utilizing available third-party services to administer the hiring process. The presence of this type of service gives companies the advantage to focus on other core tasks and decision-making processes. Also, RPO service provider ensures to attract, encourage, and increase the numbers of qualified candidates, thus, giving the company a higher possibility to acquire competitive and proficient employees. Moreover, it makes the entire hiring process simpler and easier.

Exceptional Employee

One of the most vital roles of recruitment process outsourcing is to look for exceptional employees whose skills and proficiencies can be considered as an asset by the company. Each applicant would be thoroughly evaluated for their capacities and respective work ethics. Since these prospective job candidates have the capacity to alter or improve the financial standing of a company, care must be observed in order to know whether the applicant is appropriate for the position.

Recruiting process includes analyzing the applicant’s skills, accomplishments, and character traits to ensure the suitability of the individual for the position. Apart from the technical proficiency and competitiveness, there are other qualities and characteristics that a company seeks in a job candidate.

Here is a list of characteristics that would make you a hiring manager’s top choice.

  • Team player. Most employers would hire applicants that are flexible enough to work independently or with a team. A team player looks at obstacles as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and experiences. Ideally, companies would want an employee who listens, ask suggestions, resolve conflict, and recognize the strength and weakness of team mates. He should also be open-minded and capable of accepting constructive criticisms and opinions from colleagues and his superiors.
  • Commitment. In any business, it is equally important to demonstrate loyalty and dedication in one’s tasks. An employee’s commitment to the organization can greatly affect both the individual and team performances. It can also influence the overall productivity, employee retention, and collaboration among employees and other team members.
  • Integrity. It is a valuable characteristic that both employees and managers should have. Integrity is often linked with honesty. Thus, it is our ability to make the right decision when faced by a difficult circumstance.
  • Enthusiasm. One important trait of an excellent employee is being passionate with his work. Enthusiasm drives you to go an extra mile with your work. Each business will have its pitfalls. Thus, enthusiasm will allow you to overcome any obstacle that hinders your success.

Recruitment process outsourcing is used to optimize search and hiring of employees. It effectively offers companies absolute customer satisfaction and facilitates organizational demands. Service providers use web-based integrated management software that provides real time statistics, work force planning, tailored strategies, and existing employment vacancies. It is considered as one of the most important subsets of business process outsourcing that lessens and mitigates hiring inefficiencies.

Among the advantage of this process are as follows:

  • Employers and employee satisfaction
  • Recruitment cost reduction
  • Compliance and expertise improvement
  • Scalability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee referral improvement
  • Employee retention
  • Advertising strategy efficiency
  • Human resource effectiveness
  • Employment planning proposal development
  • Enhanced core activities