How to Find the Right People for Business Process Outsourcing Firms

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The business process outsourcing or BPO industry operates across borders and so skilled and talented employees need to directly compete with their counterparts around the globe. It is said that the larger the workforce, the better. But the question is: what are the effective ways of recruiting staff for BPO firms to achieve its growth targets? How and where can the industry find a pipeline of additional people?

Labor Factors for Recruiting Staff

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Experts are proposing the following measures:

1. Training Program

BPO companies should initiate a comprehensive training program to boost the level of suitability of potential employees to work for the industry.

Through serious evaluation, employers will be able to pinpoint certain obstacles that block opportunities for job applicants who were almost hired, and hopefully be able to make the necessary intervention.

2. Career Awareness

Through seminars, lectures, brochures, and other awareness tools, BPO companies can help correct certain stereotypes and false impressions about the industry, especially among young graduates and professionals, including their parents.

Awareness helps to increase the number of aspiring candidates who intend to secure various entry-level job positions and join the ever-expanding industry.

3. Alternative Labor Source

Career-switchers, retirees, housewives, as well as non-degree holders, comprise a broad alternative source of labor. Tapping their talents will contribute greatly to the current supply of talented and skilled workforce.

Many of them actually reside outside the National Capital Region and can readily opt to work from home.

4. Education Program

BPO companies need to collaborate with educators for various purposes: one, redesign school curricula that will help make high school and college students become globally competitive while pursuing their education.

According to industry leaders, global competitiveness will make a vast pool of available professionals suitable for the industry, paving the way for them to begin a promising career that is in demand by various sectors.

There is no easy route toward the success of recruiting staff. To achieve its expansion targets and outcomes, industry leaders, educators, and government officials should constantly work together in order to outline short-term as well as long-term initiatives.