Is Outsourcing Good for America?

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Constant disputes on whether outsourcing is good or bad for the economies of America and European countries have loomed in recent times. This blog will try to answer why outsourcing is good for America or if it’s only a baseless idea that tries to draw sympathy.

Now, dig deeper into the online debates and articles telling their standing on this intrigue that both American businessmen and the federal government face right now. What you can see is the heart of the matter: cheap labor from other countries that affects the local job market and the economy.

But no, this write-up won’t convince you to favor one side of the coin. It aims to put out the sales talk and browse on arguments well. So, weigh bit upon bit on its advantages and disadvantages, and until then you can judge on your own risk.

Why Outsourcing is Good for America vs. Why It’s Bad

The Side of “Outsourcing Steals Local Jobs!”

Why on earth did they ever invent outsourcing?

Many locals ask this question. Yet, the reason they dislike the industry is easy to understand. Enough of the news on political backlash, their reasons are fearful. They’re on the disadvantage side of the business for the few obvious reasons they gave:

1. Millions of citizens lose their jobs because outsourcing now replaces them. Business owners don’t mind the working class. In this set-up, they’re the only ones who gain from the cheap manpower. The federal government should ban this unfair practice.

2. Local firms invest their money in foreign countries causing residents to lose much. It’s trying to play hero to others while dooming its own countrymen.

3. The local workforce feels underrated; therefore, fewer and fewer citizens will pursue a degree linked to outsourced jobs. Therefore, is outsourcing favorable to America? No.

The decline in local jobs and investments is the main reason natives condemn outsourcing. Likewise, their reaction is logical, and nobody can blame them for their “patriotism.”

The Side of “Outsourcing Boosts the Local Trade”

Embracing the trade is the key to acing the world market.

Those challenging the first argument view outsourcing not only as charity work but as a business opportunity. In addition, when opportunities are present, the economy may grow. A few find the concept vague, but many economists and businessmen are firm in their stand.

1. The United States lost a million jobs from outsourcing, but this business scheme made a million jobs, too.

America may lose a great number of IT experts, transcriptionists, and web developers, but what will be next? In contrast, a large pool of talents becomes available for the bigger demand on higher posts such as managers, designers, and strategists. It’s like the rise of machinists and engineers when farmers declined.

2. Investments made worldwide have a return, that’s why they are investments.

3. The local workforce will focus on getting rewarding positions. Then, mundane and routine office tasks will no longer displease Americans. Many will rather prefer a worthwhile career, not just a job.

Did this blog tackle why outsourcing is good for America, or otherwise? Did it give a better view on this controversial topic?

How about you? Do you believe outsourcing is good for America or does it only harm the country? You judge.