Outsourcing Companies: Gold Digging on Dirty Quarry

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Outsourcing is one real elusive business, yet full of traps. You don’t know whether outsourcing companies are to be trusted or not. That’s why in order to transact successfully and get the most out of what you pay, you must be able to know these few simple tricks:

 1.   Track the progress regularly

Or if you don’t, expect that they will be handling multiple clients at a time. And that means you won’t be getting the amount you’re paying for every billed hour. It’s definitely a good idea to have a handy software by your side to track what’s happening on their screens every now and then. Not all outsourcing companies are true to what they do, so ensure that each dollar you spent is not wasted on some other clients. Else, ask for a more flexible mode of payment like paying per output.

            2.   Assume it’s a scam as a default

Yes, outsourcing companies are not all snake oils. However, there are so many ill-intentioned people out there who are taking advantage of the booming industry. So what to do: ask a lot, simple as that. Asking about the working terms, environment, and quality of their output will save you from falling into the trap of the scams. Be highly suspicious, inspect without being rude, or you might be barking at the wrong tree.

            3.   First piece is always first draft

Did they hand you scrap for their first work? Relax, you can still ask them to revise. In fact, the first piece is intended as a litmus test to know what you want. The fact is that even brilliant writers or designers won’t get it at one shot. However, you can easily figure out whether they can be the people you need for the creation if you closely look at the style. If you do like the way they work, it probably only takes a few clear and helpful feedback to arrange your dream team of outsourcers.

            4.   Put motivation a priority

Being rough to your workforce won’t pay you in the long run. Instead of making them feel that you don’t trust them (note the word ‘feel’, you’re working with humans), give them motivation aside from money. Don’t be surprised if people don’t like to work for you at first. The fact is that they’ve already been treated badly by some clients only to get a measly amount for their living.

Reward them and express appreciation if they accomplish more than what you expected. Be kind and invest on long-term relationship with outsourcing companies. It makes them motivated to put your orders a top priority.

            5.   Have an idea of the working environment

How many employees does your contractor have? Ask to talk to your virtual assistants through webcam and have him answer you on the spot. Also, take note of the background: Are there opened computers in vacant seats? Are people switching desks? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, something fishy is going on.

            6.   Be clear that you mean business

On your part, you have to monitor and be specific about your feedback on the outsourcing companies. Settle at once that you mean business and create an emergency exit in case something goes wrong. Always leave the exit door open so as to make them aware that you can leave anytime if they cheat on you. Most and last of all, being a mature and accountable client makes them return the favor.

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