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9 Ways to Building a Successful Outsourcing Relationship

Do you want to learn more how outsourcing companies in the Philippines and their clients build successful relationships? Are these their secrets? Is it playing the blame game or assuming they can outsource their whole brain? Maybe you think it’s about being a control freak or focusing on pay rate instead of results, do you? No, these aren’t the secrets that outsourcing companies in the Philippines use! These, according to Shane O’Neill’s article, are the four things that will lead you to the road of “failed outsourcing program.” We want you to know these pitfalls. Thus, avoid them and, instead, heed the following tips from outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

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Nine Tips from Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

1. Prepare a distinct goal.

To create a successful outsourcing relationship, you must gain a good understanding of the subcontracted work. Then, you, together with the service provider, should write goals for your relationship.

 2. Cooperate, not dominate.

In the first stage of hiring an outsourcing firm, it’s right for you to control the circumstances because you’ll outline the requirements and choose the supplier. Yet, after contract signing, don’t own the authority or let the supplier hold it alone. Instead, build a cooperative approach. This practice will allow you and the outsourcing firm to work together to achieve a common goal or to derive mutual benefits. As what the American author, speaker, and pastor John C. Maxwell says, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

3. Nurture good communications.

A strong communication between a client and a service provider is vital in building a successful outsourcing relationship. Hence, to achieve this, share your ideas and plans with your contractor and tell them to be transparent with operational issues. “Encourage everyone to share good news and bad. Do not just communicate when you have something to complain about,” writes one UK-based website for IT professionals. Otherwise, help the outsourcing firm learn more about your company by telling them your business’ goals, plans, competitive strengths, and market positioning.

4. Be honest with them.

If the firm has any shortcoming in the project, discuss it with them at once, and don’t let it fester and grow. Doing so will, rather, boost the understanding and commitment between you, resulting in a more harmonious relationship.

5. Acknowledge cultural differences.

Since the parties in an outsourcing relationship often come from varied cultures, it’s vital for both to recognize each one’s uniqueness and to bond together. Little taps can go a long way. Further, as a client, you can bridge this gap by visiting a supplier, talking with its management, hearing its visions and values, and gauging its track record.

6. Appreciate their efforts.

Positive feedbacks inspire outsourcing companies. They love to hear they’ve met or even beat your demands. Thus, thank them for completed tasks, welcome their ideas and suggestions, and respect their time. These actions will yield a fruitful outsourcing relationship between you and the firm.

7. Suggest regular review meetings.

Not keeping in touch with your service provider will lead to frustration because of unmet needs. Hence, to keep a successful outsourcing relationship, hold frequent formal review meetings. Such will allow you and the outsourcing firm to generate ideas, suggestions, and updates crucial to keeping the project running in the best way possible.

8. Treat them as key partners.

Unlike vendors, outsourcing companies in the Philippines don’t sell a product for mere money. What they offer are their own skills. Thus, show them you trust them, and you’re confident they can give you an excellent service. Treat them with the same respect as internal workers. Make them realize they’re an essential part of your business. A real partnership approach won’t only motivate your contractor and make them stay. Likewise, it will give you more time to find new ways on how to leverage their knowledge to your business.

9. Take care in negotiating.

We understand you have a budget to keep. Yet, before you close the deal, make sure both you and the service provider agree it’s worthy. If they realized you’ve pushed them too far to give you a deal, “you might just get a bargain work in return,” claims Nellie Akalp, CEO at CorpNet, Incorporated.

Solve this by telling early on what you can afford to pay. In the outsourcing business, pay and payment schedules vary. If you don’t know the fair market rate, you may check websites such as Salary.com and PayScale or a contractor-hiring site such as Upwork. If you found out the one you want to hire is too pricey, look for another outsourcing company that can match your budget.

Now we’ve shown you the ingredients of a fruitful outsourcing relationship, it’s time you find the best outsourcing company in the industry.

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