3 Skills that Make Millennials a Matchless Resource of Talent

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Recruiting millennials can be taxing even to tenured recruiters. You receive piles of similar applications each day. You also need to sort through resumes that have nearly equal backgrounds and credentials. It’s normal to have a plate stuffed at times. But to ease some of your load, you must look at millennial job seekers through a periscope that magnifies their strengths.

Profile of Millennial Job Seekers

Millennials, or Generation Y for some, are those born between 1980 to 2000. Their current ages range from 18 to 38 years old, and obviously most of them are already part of the workforce. In 2014, their population reached 8.1 million in the United States, which makes them an abundant talent pool for recruitment.

When hiring from the millennial generation, you must know that this demography chooses a firm based on its office culture, retirement benefits, and prospects for career growth. More importantly, they put a higher value on college degrees than their Gen X counterparts.

The Indispensable Millennial Generation Skills

millennial job seekers

Truth be told, a handful of articles drew an ugly image of the generation Y. Some of their forerunners read their actions wrong. Still, you must ask yourself, “Why hire millennials despite their bad reputation?” The answer: the skills millennials have make them matchless. These skills of millennial workers prove they’re a viable source of talent to tap.

Value for Warm Company Culture

A great working environment is the prime factor that makes millennials stay in the company. Listen to their inputs on how to improve the office culture. Let them bring in good vibes and positive energy. A happy worker is always a productive asset in any firm.


Millennials know that they must first invest hard work and dedication to their role to enjoy the fruits. Hence, boost their morale through empowerment and pave the way for their future growth.


Millennials are brimming with creative ideas. Help them express their passions through their craft, so they have more reasons to love their work. Create an atmosphere that will make them enjoy their tasks. This way, you’d help them find purpose and direction towards a fulfilling career.

Bracing for Millennials’ Dominance

millennial job seekers

By 2020, millennial job seekers will dominate the corporate market. Now that we’re inching closer to that time, preparing to create a favorable playing field for these young professionals pose great rewards for many industries. With these strengths under their sleeves, we can look forward to a peaceful and prosperous corporate world ahead.

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