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Best Kept Secrets of Web Designers for Effective Web Designs

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In this fast-paced world full of innovation and technology, people no longer tolerate slow, unresponsive, and low-quality websites. According to Firas Kenneth, co-founder and CEO of an expanding group of online retailers, One Mall Group; an award-winning website has to be visually impressive, easy to navigate, full of great functions, and filled with sensible information.

You may have all the tools you need, but you probably aren’t aware of these secrets fellow web designers don’t tell you about:

Use white space

white spaceImage from NewBay Media, LLC

Ample white spaces in a website don’t just evoke elegance and simplicity; it makes content and text readable to the visitors.

Make it responsive

smartphone, computer monitor, and tablet

Image from Bob Allison of MSC Computer Repair

To make user experience and search engine traffic better, the website’s products/services should be accessible on the homepage. The navigation bar should also automatically adjust on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Rank speed

rank speed gif


According to a study from Akamai Technologies, a content delivery network and cloud services provider in Cambridge, Massachusetts; 40% of users will abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Don’t overdo it with flashing texts, graphics, and animations

Bling Bling

A beautiful website need not have eye-popping colors, images, etc. Focus on important graphics, and use a color scheme that matches the theme of a brand/business.

Say “No” to page counters

page counter app

Image from Optimus 5 Search

Including a page counter on a website is useless. After all, your audiences aren’t interested to know the number of visits you get every day.

Don’t require users to download a plug-in to view your site


Image from Cult of Mac

Plug-ins like Flash adds special features to your site, but it limits your audience because it requires them to download Flash Player Plug-in before they can view a page.

Avoid including chat rooms

no to chat rooms

Image from iFlyChat

Most people don’t care about chat rooms and what’s worse is no one uses it. If your website doesn’t get thousands of visitors per month, a chat room is unnecessary.

Never put up “Under Construction” pages or websites

website under construction

Image from Mubasher Khan of Logger

It’s plain and simple; if a page or website isn’t ready, don’t put it up.

Disable pop-up windows

pop-up windows

Image from Kissmetrics.com

JavaScript pop-up windows can annoy visitors. Learn how to incorporate important elements into your main page instead and forget pop-up windows.

Customize your own 404 page

customized 404 page

Image from Goa Global Web Solutions

Personalize your 404 page. Forego the white background with standard “The Page Cannot be Found” text on it.

Remember that the purpose of a website is to cater to customers’ needs and not to shock them with decorations. Value your clients’ trust by giving them the best web design and development services they deserve.



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