8 Reasons Infographics Are a Great Content Marketing Tool

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Based on studies, humans are innate virtual creatures because we respond to images more than words. And in this day and age where our consciousness is Internet-ruled, the advanced use of images surges further as a marketing tool.

Merging informative content with visuals, infographics became one of the best ways to convey info as it makes any stats more digestible and comprehensible. In simpler terms, it’s the epitome of showing and not just telling.

Why do experts deem infographic as an essential marketing tool?

1. It can easily catch your targeted audiences’ attention.

Aside from facts, figures, and stats as visual creatures, we also get attracted to images and colors easily. So if words fail to capture the attention and imagination of your audiences, then perhaps graphic contents like infographics can do the job better.

2. It can increase your brand awareness.

The ideal design of infographics includes the creator’s relevant info — logo, website URL, email address, and contact number. If done right, this makes it an effective marketing tool to increase your brand awareness and web traffic.

3. It can make your content viral.

Visual elements like images or graphics found in infographics produce more views than plain texts. Combined with shareability features, the chances of going viral are higher since people will likely share them through their social media accounts.

4. It is portable and easily embeddable.

Its portability and built-in design to be embeddable are just some of its awesome features. By adding an embed code to your every post, people can easily include the infographic into their blogs or websites. This can produce a back link to your site, aside from the attribution for using your material.

5. It can boost your search marketing results.

Coupled with the links produced by embedding or sharing your infographic, adding targeted keywords and meta info to your content can really boost your search rankings. This gives your content higher chances of appearing as a relevant image or resource in search engine result pages.

6. It can help increase your subscribers and followers.

An infographic can also double as a great marketing tool for social media. A well-crafted one can produce more likes, comments, and shares than any normal text updates. This allows wider audience reach and opens doors for better audience engagement, which both may help increase your subscribers and followers.

7. It positions you as an expert.

To present content in an easily understood manner, infographics make use of tables, graphs, charts, and other relevant visual tools. The research required to create this will display your knowledge and will position you as an expert on your topic or field.

8. It is easy to track with analytics.

As a graphic, analysts can easily track your infographic especially if you include tracking in the embed code. They can track and measure your infographic’s effectiveness every time a user clicks, views, or shares it. This will provide you greater insight of how your target audience behave and think.

infographic as a marketing tool

To thrive in this competitive and information-packed global marketplace and environment, you’ll need an effective marketing tool like infographics to get your targeted audiences’ attention and interest. If you haven’t tried this type of content yet, Outsource-Philippines can provide expert graphic arts services that convey business messages via simple yet meaningful lifelike images. Call or email us to know more about our offers.

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