Home-Based BPO and KPO Jobs: Opportunities Knocking on the Door

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High unemployment rate. Impressive standing of the Philippines as a top outsourcing destination. Great opportunities in the business process outsourcing or BPO sector. Are these factors make home-based BPO jobs a hit today? Let’s look at the figures, basic details, and some key points.

What You Should Know

The average unemployment rate in the Philippines between 1994 and 2017 is 8.58% (Trading Economics, 2017). Good thing the country has now managed to ease this problem as the Philippine Statistics Authority recorded a rating of 5.7% in April 2017. But since the Philippines’ total population has ballooned over the years, this figure is equal to several million people. In January 2017, there were some 2.76 million jobless Filipinos (SunStar, 2017), making the country the one with highest unemployment rate in Southeast Asia.

Despite these unimpressive data on unemployment, locals remain hopeful that they’ll soon find jobs and make ends meet. Hopes granted. With the advancement of web-based services, the Philippines has emerged as one of the best destinations of BPO jobs coming from across the world. Today, Filipinos enjoy the trust of foreign firms that become a major source of employment, even for freelancers.

Yes, besides the huge remuneration package and high pay, workers don’t have to go to office and wear formal attire and endure traffic jams. In short, employees can now take on home-based BPO jobs at the comfort of their own homes.

More about Home-Based BPO Jobs

What is home-based BPO/KPO and how does it differ from the regular work done in the office?

Home-based BPO and knowledge outsourcing process or KPO jobs are no different from the outsourcing services and work produced in the office. The only obvious distinction is mainly the location, where one performs the work. Due to improved web connectivity in recent years, home-based jobs gain ground. Indeed, the proliferation of Internet and phone services that now reach far-flung areas, makes works produced in the office and bedroom seem unchanged at all.

What kind of home-based BPO and KPO projects or jobs are open to workers?

Various projects or job opportunities are up for grabs for people seeking work at home. These include but are not limited to:

  • Virtual assistance
  • Data entry, conversion, and editing
  • Research
  • Web design and development
  • Proposal, article, and resume writing
  • Medical and legal transcription
  • Medical billing
  • Search engine optimization or SEO

How does home-based BPO and KPO employment work?

Some types of home-based jobs are web-based so workers can work on them anytime and anywhere as long as web connection is present. Some firms that offer jobs have clients and partner companies from where the projects come from. Alternatively, firms may also outsource BPO jobs directly. As soon as these companies hire the qualified people for the projects, delegation of tasks starts. They both give assignments and receive outputs online. The same process goes with salaries, where transfer of payment occurs electronically.

On the other hand, some home-based workers choose to work independently and seek clients and projects on their own. They do these by setting up their own web pages and marketing their services through various tools, mediums, and resources.

Who may benefit from working at home?

These work-from-home opportunities are open to all—professionals, students, housewives, retirees, and the handicapped. Of these people, the women’s sector enjoys the greatest home-based opportunities. Since most women are housewives, home-based jobs make it possible for them to earn money while taking care of their kids.

What are the advantages of home-based working environment to employees and their employers?

Though homed-based BPO jobs require one to utilize own facilities, they allow workers to work on many projects and tasks at once. Clearly, this increases one’s income and earning capacities.

On employers’ side, home-based employment will help maintain lower costs and preserve quality output. Since work is done at home, infrastructure and utility costs are less. Likewise, client firms expect to receive quality outputs because workers perform their tasks conveniently—in their own pace and right in their own homes.

Indeed, home-based BPO jobs and KPO projects are a huge opportunity knocking on the door. However, many foreign clients still prefer hiring office-based staff to work on their projects. This is because BPO firms offer a wide range of services and employ highly qualified industry pros.

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