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The Game-Changing Content Marketing Predictions for 2017

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Giving trend forecasts for a field as fluid as content marketing may not be a good idea even for experts. You may miss more than hit your chances. It is quite a gamble but these content marketing predictions can give you ample time to plan and save for your next projects.


How Content Marketing Will Evolve

Content marketing has changed a lot in the past years. Unlike before when people rely merely on old-style media, today, more and more browse the Internet to consume content. No wonder experts foresee content marketing to be bolder and more aggressive in the coming years.

Top Content Marketing Predictions

To give you a kick-start this 2017, we’ve listed below the top trend forecasts that will shape online contents this year.

1. Brands will get more creative with content format.
Subscription-based blogging, ebooks, and other written content types will continue to prevail. But if you want your brand to break through the noise, you’ll need to vary your content format. Since search engines are getting better at tracking pictures, photos, and images, visual contents such as infographics, memes, and GIFs will become the norm.

2. Videos will be the new content king.
2016 was a good year for videos and content marketing predictions suggest that the future of this content will be brighter next year. It is one of the most engaging forms and the core element behind successful SEO strategies. Any expert can vouch that video marketing is on the rise. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to strike while the iron is hot.

3. Content marketing will outshine old-style advertising.
As the number of online users rises, the value of traditional ads drops. Brands are now spending more on content marketing than advertising because it produces more perks to the table and boosts social traffic, better SEO, and added conversion potential. As firms continue to invest in the said strategies, the future of content writers and marketers will also be brighter in the coming years.

4. Influencer marketing will bridge PR and content marketing.
Experts like Joe Pulizzi listed influencer marketing as one of the content marketing predictions to rise due to its ability to bridge PR and content marketing. Being major influencers, writers now follow a PR trend that focuses more on creating pitches or articles rather than standard press releases. This trend is pushing the PR and content marketing teams to work closely resulting to the success of both areas.

5. Well-engaged audience will prove vital.
If you aimed at pulling more visitors to your site last year, this year, you have to work on keeping that audience. Focus more on driving their growth and on keeping them constantly engaged until they convert. Instead of just leading them to your website, you should aim to optimize your posts so that they will engage, subscribe, and revisit your page.

Though we cannot promise that these content marketing predictions will become a hit, you can still use them as your guide in planning your future schemes. Make the most of what content marketing can offer to your business. Check out our article writing service page and hire our skilled content writers today.