Freelance Outsourcing: An In-Depth Analysis

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While there is a big ruckus going on around the snotty job market, which we apparently call unemployment rate, many and many talents are embracing the competition in freelance outsourcing. Say, there are a lot of advantages than you think. There’s flexible time, mobility, and no office politics. You won’t get glued up on the same old desk or spend hours commuting, and on the brighter side for the employer, you will be paying less because you won’t be obliged to pay benefits and taxes.

Yet the big question is still dangling there: is freelance outsourcing really better than direct hiring?

freelance outsourcing

On Clouds and Businesses with No Silver Lining

The buzz about cloudsourcing platforms like Upwork, Elance, and Freelancer might have already reached your ear. Since the work only allows you to earn what you’ve exactly worked for, most freelancers seldom receive a bonus and holiday pay, which makes your budget a bit moody and your monthly income not fixed.

Moreover, on the side of business owners, it will be hard to establish personal interaction with your contractor. It takes its toll on the performance of your manpower. You know humans, they need something to motivate them to function well, aside from the regular compensation they receive.

That lack of human connection, on the downside, may affect the job of a freelancer. Despite the clamor on the new and innovative virtual job market of freelance outsourcing, there is still a lot to learn on how to make it a better business and keep the gear rotating.

Talents Go Global… and Micro

Once upon a time, you can only compete with people of different nationalities through big-hit TV game shows and prestigious international competition. If you have great talent on organizing files, or on creating codes, or on eating burgers, dream on – those uhm, “skills,” are too small and sidekick-ey to flaunt to the world.

Now, globalization and web connection start to remold the world flat and equal. The competition for salary and skills is becoming the same for all freelance professionals of different nationalities. This gives a special advantage for the workforce in third world countries. And since this kind of platform is open to all, everybody has the access to fair salary as long as they prove their abilities worthy of it.

an analysis of freelance outsourcing

The Wave of Small Entrepreneurs

With the downturn of global financial system, there is such a big pain in the neck for small businesses that cannot afford to hire expensive manpower along with their big benefits and taxes. Now, if you’ll ask, these kinds of businesses that are healthy for the national economy cannot survive without the help of affordable freelance work.

While big companies and industrialists have all the resources to buy the best employees around the country, these tiny income generators only have the world wide web as their resource for getting manpower at a bargain price.

When the rise of small entrepreneurship through freelance outsourcing occurs in a country, economy will start to revive and consequently, the local job market will rise again, offering a different set of work for the unemployed.

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