Flash Animation

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Online content can be made much more attractive with flash animation. Its applications include not only web sites, but video games and many other technical products as well. This is an even more exciting feature for online content if full creativity is applied, with which we, at OUTSOURCE-PHILIPPINES, can readily provide you through our effective flash animation outsourcing services.

Filipinos and the Philippines are at the forefront of flash animation outsourcing today. Filipino flash animators are gaining respect and admiration in the continuously growing industry of animation. Among the famous animation companies trusting Filipino animation skills is Toei Company, the Japanese creator of the anime series ‘Dragonball Z’ and ‘Digimon.’ It has long been doing outsourcing processes in the country. In addition, there have been many Filipino flash animators who have done subcontracted works for big companies such as Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network.

Outsourcing your flash animation work to us is certainly worth your decision. We have a team of flash designers who are experts in this field. Through them, you can provide your own clients with creatively attractive flash animation works.

In our outsourcing services pricing, our flash animators can work for you full time, with a fixed monthly charge; or for a specific number of days/months, which will be charged on a per hour basis. You may communicate with our animators via phone, e-mail, or live chat.