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5 Dodgy SEO Practices You Should Avoid

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There are only two known types of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques—white hat (the good) and black hat (the bad). Digital marketers know their differences very well, but some of them practice both. Yes, some desperate mavens still exercise black hat SEO to help their web sites rank high.

But will they ever succeed with tactics that are against the rules of search engines?

If you are new to using SEO practices for your venture, be sure you know the strategies that can help build up your standing and magnify your online presence.

Do you aim to get a favorable spot on online search results pages? Make sure you exclude these six dodgy practices in your search engine optimization strategies:

1. Keyword overstuffing

keyword stuffing

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Unlike what other SEO experts claim, keywords are not yet dead in Google’s new algorithm, “Hummingbird.” In fact, these words still play a vital role in determining the relevance of any content. In writing a blog or any web content, don’t mention words repeatedly so they won’t mistake your piece as spam. Moreover, as the recent algorithm displays not just the exact words being searched but also their synonyms, make sure you avoid overstuffing words synonymous to the target keywords, too.


2. Cloaking


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If you think you can still fool search engines and use two different versions of your content—one for web crawler and another for online users; then, you’d better think again. These days, search engines are wise enough to learn if you’re cheating them with a false content or not, so better be safe than sorry.


3. Comment spamming

comment spamming

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This usually happens in a blog post’s comments section where a commenter includes backlinks to a certain web site, with or without the comment itself.


4. Hidden text

hidden text

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During the early days of SEO’s fame, some site owners hide texts by coloring them gray. Others made them unreadable and even invisible.


5. Negative Pages against Competitors

negative pages against competitors

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Some marketers create pages to batter their competitors’ keywords or key phrases and put their branding in the bad light. This tactic is often called “Google bombing.”

Violation of search engine rules always comes with punishment. Practitioners of black hat SEO may fulfill short-term goals but the impact of Google’s penalty could result to drop in rankings and site traffic.

Bad SEO practices can affect your online existence. Get only the best search engine optimization services to achieve long-term success online.