Factors That Made Call Centers Successful

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In the industry called business process outsourcing (BPO), the call center sector is considered one of the most successful in the Philippines today.

According to experts, call centers make up almost 60 percent market share of the entire BPO industry, which later earned the recognition by the world market of being the “call center capital of the world.”

Call center firms is also considered the most dynamic sector in the BPO industry, fueling growth in terms of the number of people employed and revenues generated.

Significant factors

Call centers gained a lot of success because of its vast and diverse services that practically cater to the needs of businesses, which are provided and supported by an excellent workforce.

Excellent workforce

Foreign investors come to the country in search of potential call center agents and other skilled and professional personnel, not only fluent in the English language but also adept at handling customer relation services.

Aside from this, production and labor costs are less expensive compared to countries such as India, making it affordable to investors.

Some experts say that revenues are more than one billion dollars and the number of new recruits in call centers is an average of 100 every week.

Vast and diverse services

In only a decade, massive growth of the call center industry, making the government to dub it as “the sunshine industry.”

The call center industry was said to have begun when live answering solutions were introduced in the country. It became very useful to businesses and the market demand soon rose steadily.

This eventually led to the emergence of new call center companies and agencies, which later formed the industry. Subsequent years saw the industry making waves in the international market.

As competition grows within the entire industry in a significant way, many companies and agencies resorted to innovative means to rise above the rest, that is, to provide something that others lack. These types of services enabled the industry to penetrate other potential markets.