Free Writing Tools and Apps That’ll Make You More Productive

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Anyone can write, but not everyone has a knack for it. Yet, if you’re passionate about this career, these free writing tools and apps will help you become a more effective and productive writer.

Free Writing Tools and Apps for Writers
1. FocusWriter

free writing tools for content development: focuswriter

This tool is an open-sourced text editor designed to remove distractions so you can focus on your writing. It allows you to hide apps, toolbars, and menus that clutter your screen. In fact, you may customize the background image, colors, and font size, too.


2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid home page

(Top: ProWritingAid homepage; Bottom: ProWritingAid free editing tool)

ProWritingAid Free Editing Tool

This free online app helps revise drafts in a much faster and more efficient way. It displays a whole range of potential writing pitfalls such as too complex sentences, vague and abstract language, passive voice, and repetitive words and phrases.


3. home page

This app is one of the free writing tools that eases brainstorming or creation of idea maps. Then again, this tool makes it painless for you to organize ideas through customized bubble color, text size, formatting, and hyperlinks.


4. editMinion

editMinion homepage

As per its own definition, editMinion is a robotic copy editor that helps refine your writing by finding common mistakes. These include usual signs of weak writing such as adverbs, word overuse, passive voice, ending with prepositions, tricky homonyms, and clichés.


5. WiseMapping

WiseMapping homepage

This web-based mind-mapping editor lets you create a map of ideas you can customize on a limited scale. It will be easier for you to add content and share the map with those who are likewise using the app. Further, when you create an account you can access the site on any internet-connected device.


6. WordCounter

This app is one of the few efficient free writing tools that checks keyword density and word redundancy. Besides, it counts and ranks words based on frequency making it a great tool for cutting repeated texts in your copy. You can likewise use root words and adjust the word count it lists.


7. HemingwayApp

hemingway app desktop for MAC and Windows OS

This web-based app measures your copy based on readability, number of adverbs, complex words, and times you used the passive voice. It spots spelling errors, too, and lets you work offline when you download the desktop version for $5.00.


8. CherryTree

cherrytree app

This tool is a wiki-style notebook that’s polished and functional. As a note organizational tool, it can satisfy your expectations. Its core features include content linking, rich text formatting, syntax highlighting, full-screen editing, advanced search, import and export, and password protection.


9. ClicheFinder

clichefinder homepage

As its name suggests, it finds clichés in your copy. This web-based app highlights every cringe-worthy phrase in red for you to rewrite. For instances that the tool prompts “Unhandled Exception”, it’s possible that your text has no cliché, so don’t worry.

These free writing tools have their own pros and cons. After all, they’re only as good as their users, so it’s still up to you to heed their suggestions or not.

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