10 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Social Media Images

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If done right, a simple image can increase page view, retention, and shareability. Given its worth, it’s paramount that an image shouldn’t be less than perfect. To make sure you maximize your social media images to their fullest, use these simple tricks. 


Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Images 

The easiest way to transform an image is to crop it. In a few clicks, it can remove unwanted parts, enhance composition, or emphasize a focal point. The best way to crop an image is to follow the rule of thirds and take the point where the lines and the image’s focus meet. 


Aside from cropping, using blurring can stress a photo’s point of interest by lessening the impact of unimportant features in the scene. Thus, it leaves your main theme in sharp focus while lessening the distracting clutter. 


Increase or decrease the saturation of your social media images to make the colors pop more. The higher the saturation, the bolder, the brighter, and the closer the images are to their purest form. In contrast, the lesser the saturation, the more faded the colors appear. 


Designers often use this trick for over and underexposed images. It adjusts the clash in brightness between the lightest and darkest pixels. Aside from this, it pronounces the image’s focus and captures the attention alike to the whole piece. 


Highlight your images by increasing their brightness. This will improve the overall lighting; thus, you must do it in a gradual way and with care not to create too bright parts. In addition, enhance and balance the colors by adjusting the contrast altogether.


Aside from artistic and special effects, filters can likewise serve as a shortcut to correct the colorcast in your social media images caused by film and digital cameras. Apply either a cooling or a warming filter to neutralize the photo’s color tint.


Grids are always the safest bet in arranging your design elements. Besides, they offer a clean and organized layout and a great way to highlight multiple images in one frame.


Enhance the shape and style of your images through bordering, framing, and shape cropping. Likewise, depending on the mood and style of your project, frames can be simple, decorative, or colored. 


Make an image less noticeable while still preserving its clarity through screens and overlays. The opacity of the screen will define how well your image will show. This approach is common if you’ll place texts or other elements on top of the image. 


Images and texts, when mixed, create a powerhouse tandem of visual communication. You can do this in two ways. One is to add relevant details to an image by placing texts on top of it. Another is to use an image that complements the theme of your text. 

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so using the right social media images for your accounts is important. To increase your audience engagement and site traffic further, write articles or hire experts who can do them for you.