Data Entry Services: How Can They Affect Your Business Growth?

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With so much data, how do you gather information to shape your business decisions? Sherlock Holmes had made a good point about it. He said in “A Study in Scarlett”, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data”. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has realized this even before the digital age. Do you agree? If you do, then you must try outsourcing data entry services.

Data Entry Services: How Do They Contribute to Business Growth?

First, let’s define why data entry is a vital part of a business. Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard Co.’s former chief, gave a straight answer. She said, “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” If you want your business to lift off the ground, you shouldn’t sell short the power of data and its effect on your business. Hence, since your daily tasks rely on data, you must spend more time and effort to harvest what you need.

Criteria to Get Quality Data

With the ease of access to data today, how will you know whether the data reflects the pulse of your audience? Our colleagues at Towards Data Science have summed up what it means to have quality data.

1. Validity

Your data needs to conform to a set of business rules. For example, data must only be dates, gender, address, or within a set of limits (relational, range, mandatory, unique, foreign-key, patterns and even cross-field validation).

2. Accuracy

Your data must be close to its true value. While we cannot always have the exact image of our targets, it must be at least accurate and precise.

For example, the data entered should be your date of birth. You can enter any date, but is it really the day you were born? In terms of precision, it should be more specific. You can always say you’re born on February 11, yet you must state your year of birth, too.

3. Completeness

All required data must be present. Sometimes, missing data can affect the whole data set, which makes it inaccurate for business use. How does missing information happen? When records are incomplete or data harvest is poor, data can be compromised.

4. Consistency

Some data entry services tolerate the erratic input of data. When this happens, two values on the same data set will not match. What if your birthday is in 1992, yet the age keyed is 30?

5. Uniformity

What’s the unit of measure for the data you require? Will it be in miles or kilometers? Will you follow the USA spelling or European version? Prior to inputting data, these must be set to avoid errors.

Quality data doesn’t just happen. It involves careful planning, a keen eye, and an accurate input system without missing the deadline. Not everyone can have the skills to achieve this feat. Some companies even think of data entry jobs as a waste of time, since they find them a non-core part of your brand. Thus, how can you ensure you have quality data?

Instead of hiring seasonal help or expand your team to manage ad hoc projects, outsource your data entry needs! If you are looking for a credible BPO provider, your business can guarantee growth. However, for you to check the quality of your data, you must choose only the best data entry clerks.

How Can Data Entry Outsourcing Help Your Business Growth? considers data entry as the most popular outsourced service worldwide. Likewise, according to 2018 Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey, 93% of firms consider cloud tech to improve their services. Don’t want to lag in the race? Outsourcing data entry is a good start!

Hence, experts can help harvest your data on forms such as spreadsheets, scanned documents, audio, and even videos. Any data that you can collect could help you build your brand.

In outsourcing data entry services, four basic actions occur to your data:

  • Inspect
  • Clean
  • Verify
  • Report

In Outsource-Philippines, once we receive your data, we’ll inspect it. What data is at hand? What do our clients expect to get? Upon clarifying your requests, we’ll check your files based on the criteria of quality data. Then, we’ll look for patterns and anomalies; verify if they coincide with other data sets. Once you have checked the data and perform the service you need, we’ll compile the results and report them back to you.

Want to get data without the hassle? Outsource your data entry services to us! At Outsource-Philippines, we can turn raw data into business facts. Ready to dive into the world of data? Check out which services you can avail!

Data entry services offered by Outsource Philippines for your business needs

What Data Entry Services Must You Have?

You can classify data entry services into two. Choose from offline and online data entry services! What’s the difference between offline data entry tasks and online data entry jobs? Primarily, internet connection. Hence, if you’d like to take a peek at how each service differs, go through our list of common online and offline data entry services.

Offline Date Entry Tasks

1. Basic typing job

Typing task is among the basic  data entry jobs. If you deal with piles of documents and must keep every detail in check, consider outsourcing an expert typist. Rely on this service whenever you need to type lists into an Excel spreadsheet or paragraphs into a Word document.

2. Copy-and-paste job

This one solves your problem if you intend to transfer files or need to backup copies of documents. It doesn’t just involve copying certain data and pasting them to another. What makes it tough is it requires a thorough understanding of the data sets to avoid input mistakes, which might harm the business.

3. Data cleaning

Corporate data isn’t always error-free. However, spotting mistakes can be time-consuming. Thus, hire a data entry service clerk with keen eyes to spot and remove errors from your database.

4. Catalog data entry

Many firms, such as those in retail and sales, entrust their product lists to data entry service providers. You must choose well before you disclose some details about your product—which include serial numbers and prices.

5. Payroll data entry

Carry out this task offline or online, based on what you prefer. But both methods may be risky, given the confidential details you need to complete this task. Make a good decision so you won’t compromise the privacy and security of employees.

Online Data Entry Jobs You Can Outsource


To avoid hacking, your firm can use a program called CAPTCHA. Today, many firms spend much to make new CAPTCHAs just to protect their sites. Thanks to data entry services sites, you can have people that solve raw CAPTCHAs into texts.

2. Online surveys

A popular marketing strategy today is online surveys. How can a data entry firm help you with this practice? They can act as mediators so people can complete online surveys and you can get the much-needed info.

3. Online form filling

Online form filling is another task that requires a careful input of data to the right fields. Does your business need data sets organized through online forms? Let data entry firms handle them for you!

Quality Data: Beyond Data Entry

Entering correct data is vital, though it’s only the first step. There’s more to achieve success. Discover how expert data processors from Outsource-Philippines can help. Ready for your business to grow? Choose from our data entry services today!

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