8 Bad Work Habits and the Best Ways to Change Them for Good

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Bad work habits may sabotage your effort. If you aim to be a top performing virtual assistant, check and gauge your negative work practices using this list and change them for good with the tips here.



Bad Work Habits You Need to Break Now
1. Show up Late

Whether you’re late for work, a meeting, or an appointment, they’re all the same. Tardiness is a sign of disrespect and unprofessionalism; and nobody would enjoy working with someone who’s always making others wait.

2. Tell Lies

Forms of dishonesty are misrepresenting your credentials, lying in time sheets or billable hours, or robbing your employer of office materials. Further, if you’re not trustworthy, then no industry will hire you.

3. Do Personal Stuff during Work Hours

Making private calls or doing your kids’ assignments using company resources and time is an unethical practice. Besides decreased production, it’s possible your employer will catch you red-handed.

4. Connect Poorly

One of the bad work habits you need to break now is taking too long to check or answer e-mails. You not only miss important meetings or deadlines but cause delays and confusion and appear unprofessional, too.

5. Turn in Late or Sloppy Assignments

Clients expect you to work your best and finish your assignments on time. Thus, when you miss deadlines and give less than your best, you’re destroying your integrity and threatening your career.

6. Get Distracted Often

If your mind always wanders, you might not assess the workplace culture well. Your inability to fit in can create tension or mark you as indifferent or insensitive. In addition, this habit can build a wall between you and your co-workers and affect your performance as team member.

7. Speak without Thinking

Think before you talk. You may get into trouble if you can’t control yourself saying foolish, embarrassing, and tactless statements on work and the people surrounding you.

8. Mismanage Time

Time management is a challenging task for a virtual assistant, more so when you serve several clients. Technical-wise, it’s not a bad habit. Yet not exerting effort to balance your time or taking more tasks than you can finish meant being irresponsible and unprofessional.

Ways to Change Your Bad Work Habits for Good
  1. Assess yourself and know the bad work habits you must change. Further, get a pen and paper and list every routine you must improve.
  2. Start small. Don’t change the habits you listed all together. In particular, focus on a couple of them first and then wait for the outcome before you move over to the next one.
  3. Try several rewards and choose what works best for you. Likewise, setting goals and rewarding yourself is a cool way to change poor habits and to exercise good practices.
  4. Ask support from your colleagues. Besides, tell them how you’re trying to change and ask their help on how you can make good habits take root.

To offer useful and reliable virtual assistant services, always know your bad work habits and exert effort to change them one after another. For more tips and articles, browse our blogs page.