Every Call Counts in a Call Center

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In today’s fast-changing business climate going on around the world, it is not a breezy job to manage an inbound call center, given the increasing challenges of getting new recruits, as well as the need to upgrade tools and pieces of equipment.

To effectively manage their call center operations, one of the best options of big global firms is to hire specialists to take over the job. This is when offshore inbound call center outsourcing firms located outside its territories came.

Flourishing industry

Countries like the Philippines have a flourishing offshore inbound call center outsourcing industry.

These outsourcing companies are directly involved in call center management, helping to unload their client companies with such enormous responsibilities so they could concentrate on their core business activities.

Being a vital service provider, the country is equipped with resources and capacities to be able to effectively and efficiently carry out any call center needs.

In addition, outsourcing firms can offer continuous multilingual services 24 hours a day to any part of the globe in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Internet service retailers
  • Health care
  • Financial services
  • Software and hardware retailers
  • Direct response marketing
  • Travel services

Role of a call center

Specifically, outsourcing firms offer service packages to perform tasks such as customer assistance, technical support, directory assistance, order taking and fulfillment, billing and payment processing.

In addition, call centers may also handle the following:

  • Insurance claims
  • Loan applications
  • Account registration and management
  • Membership subscriptions
  • Travel reservations
  • Pre-sale, sale, and post-sale assistance
  • Up selling and cross selling

Outsourcing service providers need to deliver high quality customer service in each call. To the customer’s perception, they act as conduit or extension of their client company.

Outsourcing service providers also need to create positive results from the interaction between call center agents and the caller. Their perception about the business in general is affected or determined by the experience during the call.

The call center agent’s paramount mission is to help customers resolve their issues quickly to meet their total satisfaction.

Thus, quality and speed should be given primary consideration, which is acquired by the agent through painstaking training in raising quality standards and upgrading knowledge of products and services

Sizing up

Companies that intend to hire outsourcing firms should study their options carefully before pouring in their investments. They should consider the following factors:

Technological infrastructure must:

  • Meet the demands of call center operations
  • Be state-of-the-art yet cost-effective
  • Be reliable and secure

Human resources must:

  • Hire call center agents and support staff, including supervisors, quality assurance, coaches, and IT (Information Technology) support
  • Ensure that only qualified individuals fill these positions
  • Provide training in order to maintain an effective and productive workforce.