How Call Center Agents Differ from Corporate Employees

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It has been said over and over that the Philippines is considered one of the best location for business process outsourcing, which includes the call center industry.

This industry’s most valuable advantage, relatively speaking, is its capacity to pay salaries and other benefits more than other industries, especially for entry-level positions with no previous work experience needed. In addition to this is the training being offered to its employees.

Managers and trainers, on the other hand, are receiving higher salary rates, although these are lower compared to countries in Europe and the U.S. Aside from monetary rewards, call center managements also provide meals and transportation allowance, as well as health care coverage.

How do you differentiate a call center agent from other employees in the corporate world, in another field?

Working on holidays

Since call center agents work on a night shift, they usually do not get to stay at home during Christmas time, New Year, and other holidays because they need to go to work.

As flexible professionals, though, many of them do not mind being branded as “boarders” or not taking a time off during the holiday season.

Casual attire

Unlike other employees who wear office uniforms or corporate attire such as slacks, shirts, and skirts, call center agents have the flexibility to wear casual clothes while working, such as t-shirts, jeans, sneakers.

Though they can afford to dress up, their jobs do not require them to wear specific outfits to the office.

Reversed meal times

To accommodate clients who live in a different time zone, call center agents consider dinner their breakfast time, and breakfast their dinner time.

Reversed sleeping and waking up

While employees from other fields are rushing to their offices, call center agents have just got off their shifts around that time, trying to catch some sleep as they leave the office on their way home.

For agents who spend time to unwind after their shift, happy hours usually start at 9:00 in the morning, and luckily, there are bars and restaurants that open in order to accommodate them.

On a final note, call centers are continuously hiring young graduates and established professionals than in any other industry. Their unique yet sometimes problematic conditions have contributed to its overall growth over the years.