Business Process Outsourcing: What You Shouldn’t Forget

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Entrepreneurship is the “in” thing today where more and more people are trying to start their own businesses. With the growing cost on labor and other indirect costs, more people are starting to consider outsourcing.

Business process outsourcing or BPO has been proven a great alternative for reducing labor costs while increasing the quality of the output produced. Since the duties are done by the “experts” at a comparably low price than in-house manpower, more and more businessmen are getting attracted to this kind of set-up.

However, not all businessmen are successful in their outsourcing attempts. Since they’re fascinated with the “low cost” benefits of outsourcing, they tend to forget other aspects of the process.

Here are some things or tasks that they tend to neglect when outsourcing:

1. They forget to provide a clearly defined project scope and schedule

Although a no-brainer, many so-called successful businessmen and establishment owners forget to start their outsourcing projects with a clear statement of what they are hoping to achieve. As such, they eventually sabotage their own.

As a reminder, it is important that when outsourcing non-core business tasks, you give your providers a definite and realistic proposal and price quotes. Make sure that your chosen outsource providers are well informed about your needed deliverables. In addition, it is also important to give realistic project schedules to your providers.

2. Insufficient evaluation of chosen service provider

Businessmen and even officers-in-charge may take the wrong move of just pinpointing a business process outsourcing provider because “my colleague referred them.” Remember that what might work for your colleague may not work well for you. Thus, research and proper evaluation of the chosen BPO provider is a must.

Check their reputation online. Visit review sites and forums. More likely, you’ll get every bit of information about the quality of their services there. But don’t overly rely on these details since some spam companies may use these free sites for their propaganda. If you can, ask feedbacks from their clients who have used their services.

3. Mismatched

So, there are those companies that think they’re wise enough because they had had their research initiatives done prior to hiring a BPO company. They may be better off than those that don’t do their research but nonetheless, all efforts are wasted if they were not able to select the best business process outsourcing provider that “fits” their business needs.

Hiring a BPO company specializing in transcription for a customer service task is a total mismatch. Needless to say, your company will turn out a “guinea pig” for that company where they can experiment if they have the capacity to shift from transcription to customer service.

4. Thinking that “bargain” is the best deal.

We had to admit that every once in a while we give in to the urge that anything on “sale” is a fair game. Well, maximizing our purchasing power is not really bad. The problem here is that we tend to compromise the quality of the services that we’re getting by basing our judgment solely on the price of the service.

Note that when outsourcing your business tasks and processes, it is best to consider whether there is a balance of value for your money and quality service.

BPO can be really helpful to any type of business. Whether small, medium, or even large scale business establishments, there is certainly something that BPO can offer to you. Just be sure that you don’t forget anything when transacting with your chosen outsourcing provider and you’re certainly on your way to maximizing the power of business process outsourcing.

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