Business Process Outsourcing: Sheltering Unemployed RNs

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Philippines is not only a famous destination for “winter tourists” looking for summer warmth. The country is also well-known for churning out huge numbers of medical graduates, particularly nurses.

Philippine-based studies indicated that while the country continuously promotes other technical and financial courses, the medical industry has been consistently producing 40,000 nurses annually. The excessive supply of registered nurses (RNs) and incessant production of new nursing graduates have left approximately 100,000 unemployed Filipino nurses. Nonetheless, in order to address the growing number of jobless RNs in the country, the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) has suggested an alternative healthcare-based employment: business process outsourcing or BPO jobs.

Out-of-the-Box Medical Jobs

Although medical jobs under the BPO umbrella are far from the typical medical work that an RN would perform in hospitals and clinics, these jobs are still “medically related” and can fully utilize the medical and non-clinical knowledge of nurses.

The healthcare industry of BPO includes medical-related jobs, such as billers and healthcare secretaries, medical transcriptionists, and clinical research associates. Other jobs include clinical specialists, medical assistants, medical coders, medical butlers, and medical representatives.

According to a statement issued by Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, the BPO medical industry is providing a huge avenue for jobless nursing graduates. Offering about 100,000 employment opportunities under its umbrella, it is one of the fastest growing branches ideal for outsourced jobs in the country. Moreover, with hospitals and clinics full and with a growing surplus in nursing supply, the BPO industry is the best alternative for nurses and allied medical professionals who opt to put into practice their medical and non-clinical expertise.

Favorable Working Medical Environment

Business process outsourcing, apart from offering a non-traditional work environment also provides a promising salary package. Unlike the typical healthcare jobs whose monthly salary range between Php8,000- Php10,000, medical outsourcing jobs usually range between Php14,000- Php18,000.  On the other hand, clinical appeal specialists receive a basic pay between Php20,000-Php40,000. Nonetheless, pay would vary depending on the individual’s type of employment, working hours, experience, and typing speed.

According to Labor Secretary Baldoz, the availability of such employment can resolve the growing unemployment rate among the medical graduates in the country. Moreover, these jobs would also help gear the graduates and build up their resumes, thus, preparing them for their dream careers.

Utilization of Unused Medical Manpower

With the presence of medical representatives, receptionists, and billers, doctors and medical professionals can now focus more on their patients. Instead of exhausting their time filling in forms and processing their bills, medical professionals can now focus more on their core tasks.

Apart from giving them a chance to maximize their time, medical professionals can now lessen their medical costs and maintain (or even improve) their medical and non-medical services. This is due to the elimination of trivial and routine tasks and having them outsourced to a remote service provider. The industry also ensures the client that his tasks are executed and completed by professionals.

There is always a way to solve problems, even if it’s complicated like the increasing unemployment rate among nursing graduates. With business process outsourcing and other branches, any business owner or professional can have the best alternative in doing their trivial, yet time-consuming tasks.

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