BPO and Animation: Philippines’ Emerging Key Strengths

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The Philippines is currently a primary destination for voice-based business process outsourcing or BPO services. However, little does everyone know that the Philippines has also embraced animation as one of its core BPO services. However, the country is still behind in terms of approach and technology.

Animation is considered the cheapest form of entertainment. Even home-grown individuals can become overnight artists or animators through the availability of multimedia suites and software. Moreover, animated features need only eye-candy character sprites and voice-overs to complete a 20 to 30-minute genre-defined presentation.

Western countries, particularly the United States and Europe, have become attracted with the Philippines’ talented workforce and cheap labor returns. Financially abundant countries consider Asian countries like the Philippines as hotbeds in services that require maximum level of talent among employees.

The Philippines epitomizes talent and is one of the key contributors why the nation is still economically afloat. Unlike voice-based BPO solutions, the Philippines lack in resources to become a major player in the animation industry.

Despite of all this, the country continues to make strides and continuously attempts to improve the animation industry as a whole. Here are three important factors why the Philippines is still pursuing animation as a top-tier BPO service:

    • Experience in animation – The Philippines has more than a decade experience in providing animated staples among different channels such as Cartoon Network.
    • Opportunities in the BPO industry – Fortunately, the Philippine government supports the BPO industry as a whole; thus, creating more positive opportunities and openings for the country to excel in the fields of animation.
  • Creativity and flexibility among Filipinos – Filipinos are known for their creativity and flexibility. Teach a high school student multimedia software such as Adobe and Gimp, and he/she would have mastered it within days.

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