Filipino BPO Workers: Why Are They the Country’s Asset?

BPO workers as Philippines’ pride

Filipino people have gained global reputation for being hospitable, cheerful, optimistic, and resilient. No wonder these traits help them achieve happiness, fulfillment, and success in life. Because of these distinct qualities, many foreign firms prefer hiring Filipino BPO workers than those from other races. Indeed, many consider local workers are great people—excellent, trustworthy, and results-oriented, making the entire BPO workers as Philippines’ pride and asset.

The Rise of Philippines’ BPO Sector

This age of business innovation, the Philippines has become a top destination of outsourcing jobs. This is due to low labor costs, notable skill sets, impressive English proficiency, and socio-cultural connection with the Westerners.

What really sets local BPO workers apart from rivals is their high-quality talent, making them globally competent. That explains why the nation has gotten the trust of giant industry players. Ostensibly, foreign client firms are seeing administrative flair and leadership skills in locals, something that they don’t observe among BPO workers in other countries. More than an edge against rivals, Filipinos treat this heart-warming recognition as an opportunity to become the world’s top location for outsourcing projects.

On Proving BPO Workers as Philippines’ Pride

Fred Gordon, the Vice President for Content Operations of the Thompson Reuters Legal, once attested to the recognition Filipino BPO employees receive. He said that the Philippines emerged as the most impressive because of the “talent of the people, education, fluency in English, work ethics, and young and dynamic workforce.” He added that he could go on and on with other factors to support his belief. He’s firm these aspects contribute in making the country “a very special place.”

Meanwhile, Convergys Corp., one of the leading BPO firms in the country, stated they already produced many Filipino marketers and associates. These professionals, who have shown excellent talent in outsourcing processes, now enjoy lavish life in greener pastures. The company’s former Senior VP for Human Resources, Clark Handy, proved Filipino workers’ excellence. He said the entire workforce is known for being well educated, diligent, persistent, English-proficient, and most of all, knowledgeable of global cultures, mainly the United States. Certainly, Filipinos are the staunchest pillar behind the success of the whole BPO industry.

Why Hire Filipino BPO Workers?

The striking performance of each Filipino worker gives employers the assurance that they can do their job well. As we can see it, they have used to put their best foot forward to earn better job results. Further, they would always stay and spend extra time just to complete the assigned tasks and meet the set deadline. Their willingness to spend more hours in working simply implies one good attitude—hard work.

The love and passion for work will surely heighten the working traits of every Filipino. No matter how high or low the salary is, whether taking on a private or public service job, the strength of their passion toward work stays. For locals, no job is difficult. Indeed, Filipinos spell pride and brilliance and they are worthy to get the brand “assets” of the country.

Do you also consider local BPO workers as Philippines’ pride? We’ll love to hear it from you.

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