A Guide to the Top BPO Companies in the Philippines in 2022

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After more than two years of battling against the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries across the globe are starting to regain control. Because of this, business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines have been stable in adding value to the growth of the economy. Some of its key growth efforts include preserving jobs, driving more investment, boosting rural advancement, and building more demand for real estate.

Furthermore, the BPO industry has hit and gone above the revenue and employment targets for 2022. This means that the growth of the sector has nowhere to go but up, looking at the number of firms being built year by year that need to hire BPO services. In this guide, we’ll look at the top BPO companies in the Philippines to see what services they offer, and how they’re adding value to their clients worldwide.

A Quick Look at the Basics of BPO

Outsourcing business solutions allows you to focus on your core tasks without the worry of neglecting other functions. It increases the productivity of your in-house staff and improves your business processes. To dig a little further, here are a few questions you might have about this sector.

What is BPO?

BPO is the method or practice of hiring third-party vendors that offer services to perform and handle certain business tasks and aspects. While there are various types of services that BPO firms aim to provide, the two main ones are called the back-office and the front-office solutions. The first one pertains to tasks that need no client contact, like billing and keeping records. The other one, though, involves jobs that often require facing clients, which include sales and tech support.

What is a BPO company?

It’s a service provider that focuses on helping firms perform various business functions on their behalf. For example, a BPO call center employs a team of outsourced agents that companies can hire to handle incoming and outgoing client calls.

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Top BPO Firms in the Philippines

Here, we take a look at each of the BPO companies in the Philippines, their service focus, what they can offer to firms, how they’re thriving in their fields, and how you can get started with their services.


As a holistic BPO service provider, this firm caters to all business sizes of any type across various sectors and fields for their unique, ever-changing needs in these areas and more:

Founded in 2003, the firm takes pride in its team of experts as it keeps on serving a wide range of clients from all parts of the globe. From startups to large brands, Outsource-Philippines ensures to achieve client wins beyond what’s needed through their premier offers.


As one of the biggest BPO firms not just in the country but in the world as well, Accenture has been in the country since 1985. The company’s client base from over 120 countries helps maintain its standing as a sought-after brand in the BPO sector. Furthermore, the firm handles various functions in the tech and operations fields. Mostly, the BPO giant helps large firms in many sectors, such as health, banking, and science, to name a few.

Teleperformance Philippines Inc.

As a customer experience (CX) management firm, this BPO serves various clients from 160 markets in over 150 countries. Founded in 1996, it’s known as one of the country’s biggest BPO firms, mainly offering call center and CX services across 20 call centers. Most of their clients come from industries such as retail, finance, banking, healthcare, media, telco, tech, and travel.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

It’s considered one of the world’s leading financial services firms and one of the largest banking groups in the US. In APAC, the firm is present across 17 markets, while in the country, the firm’s Global Service Center (GSC) is among the top BPO players. Its functions are mainly in HR, finance, and project management, among others. In addition, its client base comes from a wide range of sectors, such as financial, insurance, and legal.

Sitel Philippines Corporation

Another famous BPO firm in the country, Sitel is best known for its services that are closely tied to customer care and CX. This firm, which has been in business for more than 40 years, has 12 BPO centers that help provide business solutions across various business types and sizes. Apart from that, it also serves clients from retail, travel, and health fields, to mention a few.

Remote Coworker

This world-class third-party vendor offers low-cost services, such as bookkeeping and VA, that aim to help businesses meet their goals through a custom approach. Serving clients from small to large firms, it also offers training and simple onboarding processes so that clients won’t have a hard time during the transition, allowing for maximum satisfaction.

KMC Solutions

This firm is known for its fast growth in the BPO sector, mainly handling functions in coworking space, staffing, and full-service BPO. With its focus on offering low-cost business space solutions, it belongs to the country’s list of BPO firms you should look out for.

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Most Outsourced BPO Services

With more and more firms seeing the value of outsourcing key tasks and aspects to trusted BPO companies in the Philippines, the list of the services they can outsource keeps on growing based on demand. Even so, most firms are keen on hiring for these most common tasks.


This service involves hiring a third party to do certain financial tasks. The roles that fall under this include bookkeepers, payroll processors, and debt collection specialists, among others. Firms hire BPOs to address their finances and replace or improve old methods with modern systems.

Customer Service

Teaming up with a BPO service firm means you can choose to hire a team of outsourced agents who are in charge of knowing your products and services well enough to better provide customer support and success efforts to clients on your behalf. These efforts may be for various channels such as email, chat, and calls. That said, call centers are also part of this aspect.


To help firms acquire and retain clients, this service plays a crucial role. In this aspect, what’s often involved are four types of approaches: outbound calls, inbound calls, lead generation, and sales calls. These, along with other sales efforts, are vital in promoting goods or services and keeping the business’ bottom line in check.


Need a trusted team of IT experts in-charge of your secure network? How about setting up operating systems (OS) and software, along with backing up important business files? In today’s digital age, business insights involve IT data that you can’t afford to lose or risk in the long run. This is where outsourced IT services are highly helpful.

Data Entry

No business thrives without useful data for growth and success. That’s why hiring third parties for data entry needs is one of today’s most common business tactics. Getting details from client surveys, handling bulk orders, and keeping records are just some of the top tasks involved in this service.

Human Resources (HR)

Apart from certain admin tasks that involve staff handling, outsourced HR teams also perform roles in recruiting talent, handling payroll and perks, and more. These are helpful for any type of firm that may find it hard to manage time and resources for various growth efforts that pertain to their staff.

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Why Should You Outsource to the Philippines?

As a smart business owner, it’s best for you to learn and be aware of the top outsourcing advantages and disadvantages. Like any choice you’ll make for the growth of your business, knowing these details will help you choose the right firm from all the leading BPO companies in the Philippines and the tasks you will outsource to best suit your needs. Hence, let’s look at the various perks and effects of BPO efforts in the country.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The perks a firm can reap in hiring BPO services may vary based on a business’ specific model, goals, and tactics in choosing to outsource their tasks. However, we can pinpoint the most common ones, such as:

  • In-depth expertise
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Improved resources
  • Increased business growth areas
  • Enhanced work rate
  • Structured use of new methods to improve business process tasks
  • Reduced risks

Effects of Outsourcing

As stated earlier, the impact of the BPO sector can be seen in a lot of growth areas in the country. With it being fruitful in meeting its targets for the year, some of the highlights are the following:

  • Rise in the real estate sector
  • Improved internet services
  • Enhanced investment growth

Outsource BPO Services to Outsource-Philippines

Upon reading this guide, it’s safe to say that the country has become a thriving hub for BPO firms. So, as a business owner, you might now be thinking of taking the next step to join thousands of companies hiring BPO services to ramp up their growth efforts and reap awesome perks in the long run.

Team up with top BPO companies in the Philippines to help you leverage more of your resources and improve your business areas through the help of trusted experts. Outsource-Philippines provides top-notch outsourcing services that are meant to fit your needs, help you address talent and resource gaps, and grow your business.

You may check out this in-depth look at our offshore outsourcing process and contact us for more details.