Bloggers Block: 10 Ways to Prevent the Creative Rut

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“Writing is about using the full breadth of your imagination. Dare to use it. Think, believe, dream, and dare.”
– Walt Disney/ American animator, cartoonist, entrepreneur, and producer.

Have you been starting at your computer screen for hours, thinking of something to write but coming up empty? You may be suffering from a creative rut. It normally happens when you’re bored, uninspired, or not in the mood to write. But there will always be ways to relight your imaginative senses.

Have you ever suffered from bloggers block? Here are some tips to break out of it:

Get Inspiration from a Different Industry

Find out how people solve problems in different industries, and adapt them to fit your field.

Google Alerts and Social Medias are a MUST

Use social media platforms and Google Alerts to look for interesting topics you can write about. For instance, majority of LinkedIn users are professionals; check out their trending topics.

Blogsdrop in a Good Way

Derived from the word eavesdrop, blogsdrop or blogsdropping is a process of twisting topics which experts in your industry have already covered. But make sure you give credit where it is due.

Think Outside the Box

You will run out of ideas if you tend to stick with the latest developments in your industry. Take a break, and try something different.

Get Ideas from Your Readers

Extract creative juices from your readers! Some bloggers have a “suggest a topic” button for their readers to share topic ideas.

Answer Questions

Check out niche-related questions on Quora, Yahoo Answers, or This will give some insight on the queries people want answered.

The Best of Your Blogs

Write a “Best of My Blogs” list in which you will highlight articles that your readers love the most. Do this quarterly or annually, and you’re guaranteed to relight their interest.

Go Visual

Make a blog post with images, GIFs, Infographics, or videos. Be as creative as you can!

Sequel Lengthy Posts

If you have a lengthy post, don’t give it all out in one blow. Instead, write a sequel to one of your past blogs. Make sure the first one will leave your readers yearning for the next part.

Peo-POLL Power

Create a poll or survey by asking your readers about their thoughts on a particular topic. It can be related to your niche or not. The results can spice up your content.

American novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Anne Tyler once said, “If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all”. There will always be plenty of ways to bring out your creative ego. All you have to do is trust your artistic instincts–just like Outsource-Philippines. We have the best writing services exclusively from our talented writers, who would never run out of ideas to generate fresh and quality content.

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