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Four Reasons Why You Need to Hire Virtual Assistants

Today’s unyielding competition makes it even more difficult for businesses to emerge as the best. Rapidly changing times call for immense efforts to generate new plans. For businesses, it’s crucial to adapt to marketing trends, new technologies, and to compete with global standards to survive. 

That is why, your workload piles up as your business grows. Does it seem like there is never enough hours to get your tasks done? With never-ending demands of running a business, you need better options to maximize your resources. Therefore, successful companies today are opting to hire virtual assistants (VAs). You can consider VAs as secret weapons, which can make a big impact on how you run your business. With their excellent workforce, you’ll secure success in today’s cutthroat competition. Sounds appealing to you? Here’s everything you need to know about VAs.

Common Problems Companies Face

Problems are inevitable when running a business. But it makes a huge difference once you know which challenges you are going to deal with. Hence, here are the common problems you will face in your business venture.

1. Financial Management

For a growing business, cash flow control is crucial. This may become the biggest factor that will limit your firm’s further growth. Using your finances wisely should be one of your major priorities in running your business. These told, your finances are crucial factors in planning and assessing new opportunities. So, what needs to be done? Include effective planning and careful monitoring of your cash flow in your business plans.

2. Evolving Trends

Running a business alone does not guarantee your success. With the ever-changing customers, market, and brand-establishing trends, it’s bound to be difficult to keep up. For these reasons, big firms and startups alike are having a hard time defining their unique advantage among other firms. Further, firms fail on consistent market research resulting to bad business decisions.

Keeping up with the market means you must adhere to its trends so you can attend to your clients’ needs in the most efficient and effective way you can. For example, you can use various social media platforms to let your target customers understand what your products are. From there, you should be able to increase your sales as you’ll build up the brand identity you want to deliver to your customers.

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3. Bad Hires

As your business grows, the urge for more quality work increases. You then demand a higher constant pressure from your employees to perform multiple types of tasks. Often, your employees will keep up. But your bad hires won’t.

You also need to stay on top of the competition. For this reason, it’s hard to remain patient when you need urgent help, so you rush to hire employees. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing exactly who best fits the position. How can you avoid this from happening? You take a step back and move at a pace you’re comfortable with. This is a big decision for your company, so take it slow and avoid making a poor decision that you’ll regret, until you finally remove the bad hire from the post.

4. Technology

Thriving companies all have the latest technology in the market. These gadgets and machines help them increase their productivity and business processes. Unfortunately, they cost a ton. Purchasing them might mean losing more than you could gain for your firm. With that, as technology change at the speed of light, it’s vital for you to innovate and find cheaper ways on how you can keep your business on the top of the game.

5. Bad Customer Service

Do loyal customers, sales increase, and better cash flow sound appealing to you? Then you need to improve your firm’s customer service. In business, building great customer service is crucial to its success. Your customers aren’t always easy to please, more so with their differing tastes and age groups. But in today’s time, they all probably want instant gratification. Thus, technology advancement has allowed people to relay their bad experiences through social media platforms, forums, websites, and more. These bad reviews can have a more negative impact than you expect. They can reach your potential consumers before they even try out your services or products. With that, list having great customer service high on your priorities.

6. Reputation Management

In a similar light, because your consumers can share their bad experiences publicly and quicker than ever before, you need to monitor and maintain your online reputation. However, even if it’s an important task, hiring a VA is best suited to do this. Virtual assistants can monitor and mediate from an appropriate amount of distance.

7. Welcoming Change

Knowing when to embrace change is definitely one key to having a successful business venture. Strategies have a time limit. The plan which worked for you a year ago might not work for you this time. If you have become complacent and unwilling to adapt your tactics to the trends, this might pose as a huge threat to your business. It’s a dangerous thought to assume that you’ll still be successful today because your plans worked in the past.

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Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants

Who doesn’t want to be successful in their business endeavors? To keep up with the demands of the industry, hiring VAs is one of the best solutions you can do to boost your company. With that, here are the main reasons why hire VAs.  

1. Increased productivity.

Once you hire a VA, you’ll be more focused doing your core business tasks. Mundane tasks such as answering calls, emails, scheduling appointments and meetings, organizing your calendar, creating presentations, and more will be out of your way. VAs can efficiently do these tasks for you. Likewise, they’ve been trained to do those tasks for years. They can perform admin tasks better. Also, they bridge the skill gap in your business as they can do a wide range of tasks. These told, they’re already equipped with the right set of skills so you won’t have to worry about their work quality.

2. Reduced labor costs.

One of the major reasons to hire virtual assistants is because of fewer labor costs. VAs can perform the most in-demand tasks such as social media management, bookkeeping, SEO writing, web design, research, presentation writing, data entry, and more. These said, you can have better quality output for a cheaper price. Compared to a full-time staff, you don’t have to worry about your VAs’ taxes, salary, medical benefits, vacation and holiday leaves, compensations, and the likes. With VAs, their rates are fixed, and you only need to hire them for their time. Likewise, full-time employees need extensive training, which means you also have to spend more time and money.

3. Increased flexibility.

Once you hire virtual assistants, you can work around your schedule easier. You can improve your business operation as VAs are there when you need them. Boosting your firm’s process will also be easier once you hire virtual assistants. VAs allow you to run your firm 24/7. More so when you hire VA services from a different country, they can continue your work once you and your staff go home.

4. Improved work quality.

Why are many firms more successful than others? The answer is very simple: they do what they’re best at. This is also true for VAs. They work in their specific niche. This means they can do quality work better than those who aren’t. VAs are more focused completing tasks because their workload depends on their rendered hours, completed tasks, and contract.

Managers celebrating their company’s success after they suggested to hire virtual assistants

Essential Virtual Assistants Qualities

To find the best VAs for your firm, know which traits are vital for them to be effective. This way, you won’t waste your money and get the best service you can get. Here are the qualities you need to look for once you hire virtual assistants.

  1. Reliable
  2. With exceptional communication skills
  3. Multitasker
  4. Can manage their time well
  5. Resourceful
  6. Great problem-solver
  7. Adaptable
  8. Can follow instructions well
  9. Works well under pressure
  10. Patient

Boost Your Company Through Outsource-Philippines

Ready to take your business to the next level? Hire OutsourcePhilippines, the best virtual assistant services provider! We provide various VA services to aid your company to success. Contact us now!

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How to Hire Best Virtual Assistant Company

Bombarded with to-dos? While it’s already hard to manage a service firm, dealing with admin tasks makes matters worse. You unknowingly spend and waste too much time doing these tasks. This results in an unfruitful workday and may hamper your real, core duties. For a firm that sells services, we know that time is money for you—literally. Every hour spent on minor tasks is money loss.

Want to know how other service firms overcome this problem? It is by hiring a virtual assistant (VA). A VA will attend to the admin tasks while you focus on running the firm. To help you grasp the ins and outs of VA outsourcing, here are some pointers from the best virtual assistant company, Outsource-Philippines.

In-House Staff vs. Virtual Employee

Hiring in-house staff includes

    • Possible wasted time at work and paid salary regardless of tasks completed
    • Expenses for taxes, utilities, social security, insurance, and benefits
    • Overtime charges for rush work outside office hours
    • Costs for recruitment and training for new hires
    • Additional office space and equipment

Hiring a VA offers

    • As needed, by project and “time on task” payment
    • Savings from taxes, utilities, social security, insurance, and benefits
    • Weekend and evening schedule and support
    • Savings from recruitment and training for new hires
    • Extra funds saved from the additional equipment and office space

Types of Virtual Assistants

Team of expert VAs from the best virtual assistant company

There are two types of Virtual Assistant. Before you hire one, understand first which type best suits the tasks you plan to outsource.

Dedicated VAs

A dedicated virtual assistant offers a very specific skill set and is good at doing complex tasks. It includes tech support, project management, graphic design, bookkeeping, content writing, video editing, and so on. They have a higher hourly rate because they already have a targeted skill set and will require minimal training for special instructions.

General VAs

General VAs, the most common type, are known as virtual personal assistants. They handle daily, recurring tasks crucial in running your business but not focused on growing it. These tasks include managing emails, booking tickets and hotels, data entry, research, posting social media and so on.

Tools Used by Most Virtual Assistant Firms

Since you most likely never meet your VA in person, these tools will help you build and maintain a productive and good working rapport.

1. For Project Management
– Basecamp
– Asana
– Trello

2. For Communication
– Whatsapp
– Skype
– Google Hangouts

3. For Secure File Sharing
– Google Drive
– LastPass
– Dropbox

Tedious Administrative Tasks to Outsource

Work with the best virtual assistant company (that’s us!) and let our expert VAs take these tedious admin tasks off your shoulders.

1. Admin Assistance

We can help reduce the burden of doing all the work. Our team can send emails, prepare reports, take notes, and book hotel and activities for your next personal or business travel.

2. Appointment Setting

Never worry about setting appointments for our skilled agents can do it for you. From prospect searching to arranging sales calls, we’ve got you covered.

3. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Track your finances and get accurate reports. We offer error-free bookkeeping and accounting services to help you achieve your business goals.

4. Data Entry

Organize your database easier with error-free data entry and topnotch outputs with the help of our data clerks’ fancy hands.

5. Lead Generation

Save time, money, and effort and gather qualified leads easier. Let our specialists help your sales team convert prospects to clients and yield positive results.

6. Online Research and Analysis

Learn trends through online research. Our experts are skilled at using the right online research tools to produce data for your projects and plans.

7. Schedule and Calendar Management

Whether it’s personal or business-related, our VAs will make sure all your appointments are scheduled properly and commitments are carried out on time.

Hiring the Best Virtual Assistant Company

Businessman satisfied in hiring the best virtual assistant company

Being in the business since 2003, our team of experts has served a wide-range of clients worldwide. Here’s why they chose and trusted us.

1. Friendly Customer Service
We are highly flexible, easy to work with, and can adjust to various work setups and client needs.

2. Round-the-Clock Staffing
Time zone won’t be a problem for we can adapt to any work schedule and shift to attend to your business needs.

3. Up-to-Date Tools and Tactics
We aim to provide you with the fastest and most precise data entry services through the latest tools and software.

Ready for lighter yet productive workdays ahead? Hiring the best virtual assistant company can help you ease your workload stress and focus on your core tasks. If you want to enjoy these awesome perks, request a free quote now and let’s get started.

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Types of Marketing Collateral You Should Outsource

Your business needs marketing collateral to aid the sales of your products or services. But to succeed, you must plan and prepare the materials you need. With the right tool for your target audience, you’ll get to enjoy these perks:

    • Generate leads
    • Market new products and services
    • Win new customers
    • Re-engage existing customers
    • Make your brand more recognizable

Intrigued of what marketing collateral is? Here’s a guide of how mid- to large-sized business owners like you can make the best out of its plus points.

What is Marketing Collateral?

Any media material used to promote a product or service is considered as sales support tool. You can regard anything you can use to convey your brand’s message as marketing collateral.


Though it helps to support your marketing and sales efforts, these promotional products serve different purposes for your various audience segments depending on how far they are in the sales funnel. Some might be ready to buy while others are just weighing their options. So, it’s crucial for you to address each group with various tools fit for where they are in their journey.

Marketing Collateral Types

These tools are divided into two types—online and offline tools.

E-book as online marketing collateral type


1. Biographies
2. Blog Posts
3. Case studies
4. Company awards and background
5. E-books and downloadable PDFs
6. Email signature
7. Explainer videos
8. Landing pages
9. Partner or vendor list
10. Mission statement
11. Newsletters
12. Portfolio
13. Press mentions/clip file
14. Press releases
15. Price list
16. Product comparison pages
17. Product catalogs
18. Testimonials and reviews
19. Sales presentations
20. Warranty sheet
21. Website
22. White papers


1. Brochures
2. Business cards
3. Calendars
4. Company folders
5. Product/service fact sheets
6. Direct mail
7. Branded envelopes
8. Flyers
9. Point-of-sale displays

Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing Collateral

Outsourcing button to represent outsourcing marketing collateral

Most firms used to rely on old marketing methods such as printed materials for lack of options. But these tools have changed over the years. The digital age has produced many ways for brands to reach more consumers than ever.

These days, corporate branding is vital everywhere within a business, and so are the materials that support it. Marketing tools affect how your customer view your business so it’s crucial to put your best foot forward.

But if you and your staff already have too much on your plate, outsourced advertising might be a wise move. Here are good reasons to hire an offshore team:

1. Work with skilled experts.

Though sales and marketing are inextricably linked, they are two business functions that bridging a wide knowledge gap might cause failed campaigns and lost profit. When you outsource, you get to work with seasoned experts who got digital marketing down pat.

2. Benefit from lesser cost and reduced risks.

Dealing with each channel and type of marketing collateral while focusing on the core aspects of your business can drain you. Hiring an offshore team frees you from the risks of mismatched marketing and saves you from having to recruit and train multiple staff.

3. Enjoy consistent and latest services.

Since selling marketing solutions is the income source of these outsourcing firms, you are assured of consistent and updated services. Hiring them will also give you access to the latest tactics and tools that they use to outdo their rivals.

Hiring Outsource-Philippines

Content marketing plays a big role in creating successful marketing tools. B2B Content Marketing states that 72% of marketers said that having a good content plan was a major key to their success in 2018.

To boost your chances of taking part in this success, hire content writing services from a trusted firm like Outsource-Philippines. We provide a wide range of marketing tools written by our seasoned content writers. Request a free quote to know more about our services.

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The Future of the Knowledge Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines

As a prime knowledge process outsourcing destination, the Philippines’ KPO sector thrives and stays as part of the country’s major contributor to its GDP. In fact, as per the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) Roadmap 2022, the demand for mid-skill and high-skill jobs will take 46% and 27% of IT-BPM careers, respectively. This proves there is more to come for the future of the knowledge process outsourcing industry.

With that, businesses must be keen on which firms they should hire for their KPO needs. The Philippines is your best bet! Read on to find out more about KPO in the Philippines and why you should outsource your tasks and needs to the country’s experts.

Why Choose the Philippines for Your KPO Needs

Now, what is the difference between KPO and BPO? Investopedia defines business process outsourcing or BPO as “a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors.” On the other hand, KPO is “the outsourcing of core, information-related business activities”. Further, this involves KPO tasks that require staff with advanced degrees and expertise in a specialized area.

The Philippines takes pride in its edge in business communication, with no fear of language barriers. This is just one way of how we bring results on time while ensuring the quality of our service. Thus, these prove how you could boast the country’s knowledge process outsourcing industry.

Further, we listed a few more reasons why you should work with us for your KPO needs!

1. Government and Private Sector Team Up

An employee working on her computer, working on knowledge process outsourcing industry services

Since the government recognizes the future of outsourcing lies beyond BPO, it, along with the key players of the KPO industry, joined hands to form a plan to make the Philippines your top choice for top KPO services.

This coincides with the Board of Investments’ report on the Philippine IT-BPM sector, which projects how the industry flourishes by 2022. Dubbed the “Accelerate PH” Road Map 2022, the report sees the industry’s growth, while also seeking to ensure that Filipino talents, your KPO partners, are future-ready. So, why is this needed? Simply put, if enacted, these plans would rather improve your ease of doing business with us, too.

Hence, rather than making drastic changes, it wants you, the business owner, and your KPO partner to benefit from the changing times as technology continues to improve and change the way we work.

If you’re up for more good news, did you know this plan wants to assist rising new fields in the Philippines? These fields are animation and game development, healthcare information, IT and software, and global in-house centers or GICs on top of others. You need not wonder how your needs could be supplied. Just match with the best sub-sector that could cater to your needs.

2. Training for Augmented Intelligence

You used to recognize the value of fax machines because you expect a response right away. Today, only a number of people still use a fax machine to send their messages because you can now send e-mails and use other messaging apps to communicate.

Yet, AI alone doesn’t accomplish all the work, including the tasks for the knowledge process outsourcing industry. Hence, you must give augmented intelligence a try. It views AI as a tool to assist humans in doing their tasks, and not to replace them. Have you heard of it before?

Hence, the Philippine government has adapted this idea in training those who wish to enter the knowledge process outsourcing industry. That’s why the Department of Trade and Industry or DTI joined forces with the Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT to train Filipino staff on augmented intelligence to help advance their skills.

KPO Services You Can Outsource to the Philippines

A group of employees brainstorming on a desk regarding different knowledge process outsourcing industry services

Entrust your higher-skill tasks to the Philippines and get access to the services you’ve long been searching for. With that, check out these KPO services you can outsource!

  • Market Research: Grasp a glimpse of how your target market behaves and of how the mindset of your target audience on a product or service works. Market research services help you get the pulse of the people so you could set your campaign right.
  • Data Entry and Processing: Now that you know what your target market wants, it’s time to study the data so you can refine your strategies. Yes, the Philippines’ top KPO services can do this for you.
  • Digital Marketing: Ready to launch your campaign for the world to see? Besides the basic marketing tactics you know, you must stay current. Include digital marketing in your strategy through the help of our top specialists.
  • Content Writing and Graphic Design: As you market your services, you will come across competitors. Gather your edge when you beef up your brand! It starts with the message and the words plus the overall approach you want your audience to know.

Outsource-Philippines: Your Prime KPO Partner

With years of experience in the knowledge process outsourcing industry, Outsource-Philippines has been providing topnotch services to various businesses worldwide. As one of the most sought-after KPO companies in the Philippines, we know the value of high-skill tasks to your success. And we don’t just strive to meet our clients’ needs—we exceed them. On top of it all, your choice to outsource your KPO tasks to us means you trust our firm to do what’s best for your brand.

Work with us and open more doors to boost your business success through the help of our experts. Let our wide range of KPO and other top outsourcing services help you get more of your money’s worth. For more details about our services and our pricing, check out our outsourcing cost page now.

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What is KPO and How It Can Help You Grow Your Business?

Most business blogs discuss KPO along with BPO. Perhaps you’ve heard these terms on ads too. Others may see it as a fresh concept and may compare it to business process outsourcing. They may ask: Is KPO better than BPO? Why do middle- and large-sized firms choose it? Learn more about this thriving industry through this blog.

What is KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing?

Investopedia defines KPO as “outsourcing in which workers in a different company or by a subsidiary of the same organization carry out knowledge- and information-related work.”

Hence, KPO firms aim to provide business solutions to fulfil the needs of partner companies using their staff skills. Thus, hiring the right set of staff is crucial to any KPO service firms.

Doing Business in the Philippines recent article says, KPO, not BPO, drove the recent growth in the country’s outsourcing sector. Though call centers still take the largest part of the IT-BPO field, the country has leveraged to other fields such as design and research. In fact, offering services related to data research and data entry could give a KPO service firm a good edge over other firms.

The government expects the demand to be more than double by 2022, with an estimated worth of US $250 billion. If this happens, the IT-BPO sector needs to employ over 1.3 million direct staff, thus putting up almost 17% of GDP. In turn, it will be the second largest source of the country’s foreign exchange.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Hiring KPO Firms?

You might wonder, why do I need to hire KPO companies? Well, KPO sector can help firms, especially start-ups, reduce operating costs and fill the gap or need for experts. It also frees up existing staff to do other tasks and maximize their efficiency.

In contrast, hiring the wrong firm can put your business’ privacy and security at risk. They can lose, copy, or send your private business details to your rivals. This explains why you should be cautious in choosing a KPO firm.

What are the Signs of an Ideal Service Provider?

Since KPO services mark the latest trend in outsourcing, firms offering these services grow at a rapid rate. However, out of this large number, only few succeed. One of the reasons behind this is that KPO calls for more concrete knowledge and skills. If you’re in search of the best service provider, here are ideal factors KPO firms should have.

– Ability to reason and research
– Excellent English communication skills
– Knowledge on using software and programs, especially Microsoft Office
– Expertise in the specific field that needs KPO services

It’s easy to claim that all staff of KPO firms have these essential factors. But why don’t they all thrive? It’s because not all KPO firms realize the value of being an expert in this field. This unseen setback of most outsourcing firms makes many of them think it’s enough to possess basic skills and BPO services experience to thrive in KPO. As a result, many of them fail to grant their client’s demands.

Apart from skills, KPO firms also need to research on market trends. They must acquire an extensive knowledge of the vertical market they want to do business with. Learn the types of KPO services and use this to build a strong brand.

What are the Types of KPO Services?

Do you need of an outsourcing firm that brings reliable KPO services? You can hire one from the Philippines to get the service that you need. We’ve listed below a list of KPO services to choose from:

– Research and development
– Financial consultancy
– Business and technical analysis
– Business and market research and analytics
– Clinical research
– Web development application
– Intellectual property and patent-related services
– Legal processes
– Data search
– Medical transcript preparation
– Fraud analytics
– Data integration
– Project management
– Computer-aided simulation
– Engineering design
– Technology research

Knowledge process outsourcing encompasses a broad scope. Hence, a business that seeks certain services must be wise in choosing the best provider. Others see the Philippines as an ideal place for outsourcing jobs for many practical reasons. Read on and know why you should consider this country’s KPO providers.

Multiracial employees in a meeting discussing what is KPO

Can You Trust the KPO Industry in the Philippines?

Short answer: Yes! For years, the PH’s BPO and KPO sectors have remained robust amidst the challenges. Hence, it can bring the outsourcing solutions you need. Outsource-Philippines, a leading BPO-KPO service provider, offers a wide range of outsourcing services. It’s a top choice for foreign and local firms for various reasons.

– Country’s high literacy rate
– Local talents’ language skills (written and verbal)
– Grasp of the English language
– Neutral accent
– Bright young pros
– Cheaper labor costs
– Time difference is not a cause for concern
– Highly skilled workforce
– Readily available labor force
– Fast economic growth
– Cultural rapport with Western countries
– Long and thorough lists of successful outsourced tasks

Outsource-Philippines offers KPO solutions such as research and writing. Also, we cater to data conversion, search engine marketing, and graphic design services. Are you looking for web developers and designers? Outsource-Philippines is your best pick! We also offer logo creation, bookkeeping, SEO and others. So, if you need these services or need to know what is a KPO from the best provider, contact us! We guarantee clients will get the services they paid for and much more.

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Top 8 Reasons Most Businesses Maximize Offshoring

Undeniably, many business owners today exploit offshoring to succeed in their ventures. If you’re up to develop new products, invest in the latest tools, or expand your market, you’d surely turn to outsourcing firms to ensure success. Besides being a simple, efficient, and cost-effective scheme, it allows you to do more while spending less. Now, if you have not tried getting offshore services before, you might want to check the top reasons firms hire offshore staff to get their work done.

Why Hire Offshore Services

The success of outsourcing lies on the client’s trust and the service provider’s ability to deliver what has been promised. With these two factors going hand in hand, both parties will reap the fruits of an efficient process.

A business owner weighing the benefits of hiring offshore services

If you’re still doubtful at passing your tasks onto a foreign third-party firm, you’ll need to weigh the perks below:

1. It helps free up more time.

Most firms say offshore outsourcing can help ease your busy schedule and free you from “trivial” tasks. Your outsourced team can deal with other parts of your business, such as clerical and data processing jobs. You may be miles apart from your staff but you may assign tasks and keep track of their performance, giving you ample time to focus on your more vital business matters.

2. It keeps your stress at bay.

Since your offshore staff members are employees of the outsourcing firm you hire, the process lessens your workload, thus reducing the burden that comes with it. Its long-term effect? It saves you from any work-related stress and allows you to focus your efforts on growing business prospects and development tactics instead.

3. It grants you access to the most acclaimed talent pool.

With an array of experts working for you, you’ll have a heavy knowledge base crucial in business growth and achievement of your goals. Without these efficient and skillful workers, you may not be able to provide solutions and fulfill tasks on time. But by contracting out your services outside the country, you can tap various skill sets and get access to more workers. You can hasten your need for labor and simply ask for replacement until you are pleased.

4. It keeps you in charge despite the distance.

To debunk the myth, you can take control of the staff working for you in coordination with the management of the hired company. You get the upper hand in passing operational tasks or making changes as per your expectation, in no time. Your staff works in tangent with you and your requisites. The outsourcing firm may also deploy an accounts manager to handle all the “complex stuff” while you wait for the finished product.

5. It cuts the costs.

When you opt for offshore services, you slash your operating costs in smart ways. Likewise, it frees you up from the cost that come from hiring people such as dealing with insurance fees, leave credits, and medical coverage. What’s more, it heightens your profit margin by taking out extra employee pays, training, software, and utilities from your fiscal worries. Indeed, it betters your company operations without having to spend more but increase your savings.

6. It assures you of high-quality services.

Outsourcing firms train their workers to bring nothing but quality. They impose strict screening process and train people before their deployment. That said, you are always sure to get qualified people for your project. With the firm’s help, too, you can monitor the overall productivity of your staff. They can check on their output on a regular basis and make the most of their work’s quality and long-term development.

7. It takes care of your non-core functions.

Brief your offshore staff about their roles before they start taking on your non-core yet time-wasting tasks. These may include record keeping, payroll accounting, and risk management. By having these outsourced, you do not only reduce costs but also earn more time to think of other potential products and services.

8. It lessens risks.

In any offshore service model, you are liable in enhancing the working operations of the outsourcing firm with stringent backup methods. So, in case of natural disasters and inevitable accidents, the disaster recovery system will help you respond to the situation and get operations running within a notable turnaround time.

Aside from this list, clients cite many other reasons they hire offshore staff proving how useful is this scheme in fulfilling many business tasks.

Keys to Offshore Outsourcing Success

A happy business owner after learning the success of his outsourced offshore services

How will you succeed as you outsource some of your business processes to a service provider abroad? Make sure you ponder on these factors before you hire an offshore team:

  • Language and cultural differences

While most advanced countries offer English-speaking offshore talent, you should still need to ponder on cultural differences—in language, values, and practices.

  • Time zone issues

Since you will be hiring workers from across the world, you may want to ensure that time difference would not hinder or affect your project goals.

  • Clearly defined job conditions

Set clear expectations for your offshore staff before you start working on a project. Orient them with precise deliverables and the timeline they should follow.

  • Matching skills and jobs

As you look for an outsourcing firm, narrow down your choices to countries where the needed skills and experiences are ample.

  • Job tracking tools

To ensure the success of any project, be sure to keep track of your hired staff’s time through time-tracking software. Such tools can likewise help you pay your staff accordingly.

  • Skills development

Just like your in-house team, you should also provide your offshore staff with feedback, constructive criticisms, and even praises when deserved.

  • Will to invest

You should be willing to raise your budget for greater technical skills or for rush jobs that require faster turnaround time. While cost may be among your top concerns, you must also be keen to investing more to earn more.

At Outsource-Philippines, we focus on helping ventures thrive in a global scope. If any of these reasons firms hire offshore staff excites you, experience it yourself. You may try this scheme and outsource your tasks to us. Call or chat to discuss your project and learn more about our offshore services.

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8 Workplace Health Hacks for Filipino Call Center Agents

Do you want to join the business process outsourcing or BPO industry and become a call center agent? Are you aware of the struggles you’d face when you become one? Curious in the call center culture in the Philippines? Let Outsource-Philippines give you a heads up on how to survive in this thriving outsourcing industry. Heed these 8 workplace health tips to make yourself fit and grow your career.

The outsourcing sector plays a vital role in the Philippines’ economic growth. According to Business World, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) report shows that the BPO sector shared contributed about 6% in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015. Thanks to the local talents’ unmatched skills, the country has become one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations in the world. Despite the successes, many Filipino call center agents suffer from health issues. Graveyard shifts to serve foreign clients is common in this trade. Call center agents need to stay focused and alert to help their clients and provide them an impeccable service. This lifestyle, though, can harm their well-being.

This job comes with a stressful workplace. You’ll deal with irate clients, meet sale quotas, watch your handling time, and satisfy your callers at the same time. While work pressure is evident, it is still one of the fastest growing trades in the PH and continues to provide jobs for Filipinos. So, if you want to know how you can take care of yourself while doing your job as an agent, follow these easy workplace health tips.

How Filipino Call Center Agents Can Take Care of Their Health

How do you survive a night shift call center? To keep your job as a contact center agent in the Philippines, you can do simple activities to boost your work performance and physical health. Below are easy ways which you can try at work or at home, to survive a night-time work schedule and keep yourself healthy.

1. Drink enough water.

Feeling tired after working for several hours? Hydrate yourself. Drinking plenty of water will rather bring back your strength and vigor. Cliché as it may seem, but water can keep you hydrated and energetic throughout your busy shift. Besides, it has no calories and cost very little compared to other drinks. Although, just prepare yourself for frequent trips to the restroom.

2. Drink (less) coffee.

Coffee shops are everywhere, and for sure, you consume two or more cups of coffee in a shift. Caffeine keeps you alert. However, getting more than the prescribed intake may harm your health. Instead, sip a cup before you work and ditch it a few hours before going home to help you get a better sleep.

3. Eat healthy meals.

Most employees working at night order food from fast-food restaurants or eat in convenience stores. In fact, many eat snacks instead of healthy energy-boosting meals. Hence, go for meals packed with nutrients to help you get through your shift. Make wise choices and prepare your meals to save time and money. It’s one of the most common health tips that may sound too simple but actually works. If eating snacks is your thing, opt for healthier options such as fruits or nuts.

4. Take a nap during breaks.

Don’t exhaust yourself with overwhelming tasks or overthinking of the impending deadline. Hence, spend your break by taking a 5 to 15-minute nap to relax your mind and body and regain your energy. Instead of going out with your coworkers to light a cigarette, ease your mind and take a nap.

5. Do meditation and deskercise.

The work of a call center agent involves long periods of sitting and doing desk work. This may have an ill effect on your overall health. Try doing simple stretches and physical exercises in between calls. Likewise, you can relax and clear your mind by meditating during your free time.

6. Listen to music.

One great way to set your mood is to listen to music. In fact, you may listen to your playlist or ask for other’s curated songs to pique your interest and keep you alive as you do your tasks.

7. Get enough sleep.

Night-shift workers lack enough sleep that can affect your work output. Your body clock and the environment could be the culprits. To solve this, you can make your room dark as if it’s nighttime, so you can sleep long with ease.

8. Reset your biological clock.

First, you can try light therapy, where you control the lighting to affect your brain. In particular, you can expose yourself to light or hide from it to fake or trick your circadian rhythm. Otherwise, you can reset your body clock by eating nothing for 12 to 16 hours or until your shift ends.

Surviving the BPO World with These Workplace Health Tips

There are many ways and health tips that could help you survive the BPO industry. It’s your choice to switch from bad habits into healthier ones too. Don’t let your (full-time) work, often in irregular schedules, threaten your health or spend your earnings on hospital bills. Besides, many firms offer great perks to help you get in shape. Also, make smart choices for your career. If you can’t feel your professional growth, then change your course. Your safety in a call center setting is much important than just paychecks. Apply these workplace health tips to stay healthy. In search for the best outsourcing company to help your business grow? Outsource-Philippines is here to help. For businesses that need offshore staffing services, hire us! We offer seven in-demand outsourcing services to help you grow your ventures.

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Data Processing and Its Role to Your Business

How do big companies become successful? You may have read countless articles online, gone to various forums, went to many workshops, and asked for every pieces of advice you can get from your fellow colleagues. Despite these efforts, you still find slow progress in your total growth. Worry no more for we are here to talk about one key factor that you need to focus on as well: your firm’s need for data processing measures.

Running a business needs the best decision-making skills to thrive. This skill is also crucial in planning. However, your plans should be based on factual data to make informed decisions. Else, you’re risking your firm’s process and overall success.

There are many ways, tools, and methods on how to use your firm’s data. But before these, you must first figure out the basics of data processing. Read on to know more.

What is Data Processing?

Data processing involves collection and conversion of raw data into useful info. The gathered data can be shown in the form of reports, diagrams, and graphs. Further, you must use this data to solve problems or improve any tasks to produce better results.

The Role of Data Processing in Your Business

Turning your data into useful formats will help you run your firm more efficiently. Since the process converts all key info into readable formats, you and your staff can grasp, access, and store them for future use. Many business owners overlook the importance of data processing. Your firm’s data can be your basis in making plans to improve your strategy, service, sales, and even your staff’s work outlook.

What are the Different Types of Data Processing?

You can use any these methods depending on your needs, time, and data processing software. To help you choose which method suits your firm best, below is a list of different methods of data processing.

1. Manual

You can manage your data manually without using any machines or other tools. However, the volume of data might affect your firm’s resources. The harder your data is to convert, the larger number of workers and higher budget you’ll need.

2. Mechanical

Aside from encoding your data, you can also use machines or simple devices like calculators and typewriters. This method is also more efficient and reliable than the manual method. However, this process yields limited outputs.

3. Electronic

This method of data processing uses programs and predefined sets of rules using the latest tools such as computers. Electronic data processing is the fastest and most accurate method that requires fewer staff. It consists of batch methods such as:

  • Online
  • Real-time
  • Multiprocessing
  • Time-sharing
A person using a tablet for his business’ data processing

Data Processing Cycle

Data processing cycle is the extraction of info from raw data through a series of steps. The data transforms to fit various business needs and goals.

1. Collection

This stage requires total focus as the quality of the collected data could affect the output. When getting such info, you need to ensure they are both correct and defined to create sound and valid plans.

2. Preparation

This stage alters the data into a form that could fit further analysis and processing. As raw data might be faulty, this phase will help screen future problems and reduce, if not remove, any misleading results that might stem from an unchecked data.

3. Input

This step converts or codes the checked data into machine-readable form so that the device can process it. You can enter the data using a keyboard, digitizer, scanner, or from any existing source. It’s the most tedious phase and needs thorough skill and speed.

4. Processing

This is the stage where users control and execute the encoded data using a formula or program. It may consist of one or more settings applied all at once depending on the operating system.

5. Output and interpretation

The users receive the processed info during this stage. The output comes in various formats or media, such as printed report, audio, or video.

6. Storage

This is the last stage where users store the data, settings, and info for future use. This cycle allows users to access, retrieve, and transfer data when needed.

A group of celebrating entrepreneurs after a successful business venture because of topnotch data processing

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Data Processing

Since data processing is one of the key factors to achieve your firm’s success, it needs thorough effort and time. One mistake can lead to faulty reports, slow business process, and financial loss. Hence, you need experts to do the job for you. To help you understand better, here are the benefits of outsourcing your data processing tasks.

1. Increased Productivity

Outsourcing your data processing tasks can greatly help in freeing up your employee’s time. With that, they can focus on more vital core tasks. Not only will they work more efficiently, they’ll also yield greater quality of work.

2. Cost Effective

Outsourcing services are known for their cost-effectiveness. Once you hire your own staff to do your data processing tasks, you must also pay for their health insurance, vacation pay, and other perks. Also, you are also required to give them a decent space where they can work properly. On the other hand, outsourcing your tasks means you only need to pay for their services. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save time.

3. Access to Better Talent

Another reason to hire outsourcing services is that they have the skill set you need to do your data processing tasks better. This means you have access to trained experts who are experienced in their fields. Also, they know a variety of data processing techniques which helps them produce quality work. With this, you can entrust your data into their hands and expect the best results.

4. Competitive Advantage

In today’s time, firms keep coming up with never-ending ideas on how to survive the cutthroat competition in the industry. So, to stay ahead, they need to make smart plans and improve their efforts. Through outsourcing, you can gain a quick one-stop access to various business benefits such as increase productivity, cost-effectiveness, and improved quality of work.

Want to become the leader in the business industry? Outsource-Philippines is ready to help you with your dreams! We provide one of the best data processing services in the country. Visit our data entry services page to learn more.

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Assessing the Best Outsourcing Solutions for Your Business Needs

Outsourcing is taking over most industries today. What most firms want about it is that it cuts costs while bringing quality to their brand. Besides, most global outsourcing options can run businesses at lower labor costs than what those in the local market can offer.

In today’s high-tech age, even a small business can profit from hiring virtual assistants. Large companies already outsource jobs, leading them to greater heights of business success. If you’re thinking of joining this venture, you must know what options fit your needs. In the pool of outsourcing companies in the Philippines, where should you farm out then? What type of solutions should you pick to promote operational efficiency? Let this article answer your questions and help you choose the best outsourcing option.

Top view of 4 professionals in a meeting about outsourcing options

Outsourcing Options to Choose From

Before diving right into the outsourcing options, let’s discuss some of the most common problems and needs businesses face that outsourcing can solve.

1. “We need more efficient staff.”

Every business owner wants a team of skilled employees to ensure topnotch services. However, not all business owners can be a jack-of-all-trades, and they can’t always expect their staff to be one, too. That’s where outsourcing comes in. Find the right outsource firm that specializes in the service or process you want them to carry out for you. This helps you achieve your goals faster through a more productive and efficient process.

2. “We need to reduce our lead times to render faster yet quality services.”

You must gain a greater competitive advantage. Reducing your lead time while maintaining the quality of your services is one way to keep you in the loop. With outsourcing, you can gain more knowledge and use more effective practices toward success.

3. “We focus less on our core business activities.”

The operations of some businesses suffer as they try to handle all in-house tasks. Their reason? The load of projects and duties is overwhelming. That’s why many opt to outsource to free up their business and focus on their main tasks and strategies.

4. “We need to widen our reach.”

One way for a business to aim higher is to widen its reach. It’s not that simple, though. Sometimes, firms should take risks and venture out. Outsourcing business opportunities gives you access to more market knowledge and strategies.

Ever encountered these needs and problems in your business? Maybe it’s high time for you to consider outsourcing.

But wait: Like in any major business decision, you would want to weigh your options first, then pick what best suits your needs.

With that, let us help you choose among the top outsourcing options you have when you partner with Outsource-Philippines.


This option focuses on achieving key goals. It allows advisors to use outside forces or staffing systems to work on data while they keep parts or the whole tech setup in their base. Therefore, how can operational outsourcing benefit your company? First, it supports advisors who have a hard time controlling their management systems fully. With an outsourcing provider’s specialized and tech-focused scheme, it offers you lesser time and lower capital.

Unlike hiring new staff that still requires training, you can cut costs while being sure of the service provider’s skills (problem #1 solved!). Thus, it maximizes the use of technology and helps your business perform better. Aside from specialized operations, hiring one aids your problem with management. In fact, it meets your standards and gives no excuse for not doing data duties. Further, it gives you a stronger focus on potential clients and other operational needs (problem #3 addressed!).


Under this, you won’t need servers, software, tools, and other facilities to run your business. Among the outsourcing options, this one allows you to point out the technology setup with the service provider. They keep, upgrade, and host the system. Then, you can just check it through communication.

You can monitor the duties without the hassle of supplying the physical technology needed to host your business. Why choose this option? It promotes operational efficiency because of the provider’s skill in handling the system.

Full Outsourcing

You can get the combined function of operational and tech structure outsourcing in this option. Here, you’re giving the full scheme of your business to a third-party source. Either you can hire multiple outsourcing providers or one that guarantees to do all the tasks well. Why should you pick this option? First, you can expect lower costs and the ability to run the business amid setbacks, crises, or incidents. Aside from this, you can access the production through various channels but still control and manage each task.

Finding the Right Outsource Company in the Philippines

Half-body view of two professionals talking about and understanding outsourcing options

In searching for the right outsourcing partner, know what may affect the outsourcing options you’ll pick. Before farming out your tasks, keep in mind that skill is more important than the rate. You can find lower rates; however, it doesn’t guarantee skills right off the bat. Besides, you still need to ensure the quality of your operations at reasonable costs.

Outsourcing has changed the way trades upgrade their brand. If you’re aiming higher, these outsourcing options can help you get the most out of your assets and reach your target goals faster. It may be a challenge to put up a small business at first and look forward to getting bigger. Likewise, maintaining an established firm requires constant hard work to keep operations going. And there will be times managing the business internally can get complicated.

That’s why we’re here to help. As the top outsourcing company in the Philippines, we vow to be with you every step of the way.

How? Hiring our virtual assistants for your outsourcing needs takes a lot off your plate. We know how complicated business processes and management can get, and we understand your problems and needs.

Whatever your reasons for outsourcing are, we’d be glad to assist you. Contact us today, tell us your requirements, and get a free quote on our top outsourcing services.

Reap the outsourcing benefits your business deserves.

Data entry services offered by Outsource-Philippines through online and offline means for your comfort

Data Entry Services: How Can They Affect Your Business Growth?

With so much data, how do you gather information to shape your business decisions? Sherlock Holmes had made a good point about it. He said in “A Study in Scarlett”, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data”. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has realized this even before the digital age. Do you agree? If you do, then you must try outsourcing data entry services.

Data Entry Services: How Do They Contribute to Business Growth?

First, let’s define why data entry is a vital part of a business. Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard Co.’s former chief, gave a straight answer. She said, “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” If you want your business to lift off the ground, you shouldn’t sell short the power of data and its effect on your business. Hence, since your daily tasks rely on data, you must spend more time and effort to harvest what you need.

Criteria to Get Quality Data

With the ease of access to data today, how will you know whether the data reflects the pulse of your audience? Our colleagues at Towards Data Science have summed up what it means to have quality data.

1. Validity

Your data needs to conform to a set of business rules. For example, data must only be dates, gender, address, or within a set of limits (relational, range, mandatory, unique, foreign-key, patterns and even cross-field validation).

2. Accuracy

Your data must be close to its true value. While we cannot always have the exact image of our targets, it must be at least accurate and precise.

For example, the data entered should be your date of birth. You can enter any date, but is it really the day you were born? In terms of precision, it should be more specific. You can always say you’re born on February 11, yet you must state your year of birth, too.

3. Completeness

All required data must be present. Sometimes, missing data can affect the whole data set, which makes it inaccurate for business use. How does missing information happen? When records are incomplete or data harvest is poor, data can be compromised.

4. Consistency

Some data entry services tolerate the erratic input of data. When this happens, two values on the same data set will not match. What if your birthday is in 1992, yet the age keyed is 30?

5. Uniformity

What’s the unit of measure for the data you require? Will it be in miles or kilometers? Will you follow the USA spelling or European version? Prior to inputting data, these must be set to avoid errors.

Quality data doesn’t just happen. It involves careful planning, a keen eye, and an accurate input system without missing the deadline. Not everyone can have the skills to achieve this feat. Some companies even think of data entry jobs as a waste of time, since they find them a non-core part of your brand. Thus, how can you ensure you have quality data?

Instead of hiring seasonal help or expand your team to manage ad hoc projects, outsource your data entry needs! If you are looking for a credible BPO provider, your business can guarantee growth. However, for you to check the quality of your data, you must choose only the best data entry clerks.

How Can Data Entry Outsourcing Help Your Business Growth?

Wisegeek.com considers data entry as the most popular outsourced service worldwide. Likewise, according to 2018 Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey, 93% of firms consider cloud tech to improve their services. Don’t want to lag in the race? Outsourcing data entry is a good start!

Hence, experts can help harvest your data on forms such as spreadsheets, scanned documents, audio, and even videos. Any data that you can collect could help you build your brand.

In outsourcing data entry services, four basic actions occur to your data:

  • Inspect
  • Clean
  • Verify
  • Report

In Outsource-Philippines, once we receive your data, we’ll inspect it. What data is at hand? What do our clients expect to get? Upon clarifying your requests, we’ll check your files based on the criteria of quality data. Then, we’ll look for patterns and anomalies; verify if they coincide with other data sets. Once you have checked the data and perform the service you need, we’ll compile the results and report them back to you.

Want to get data without the hassle? Outsource your data entry services to us! At Outsource-Philippines, we can turn raw data into business facts. Ready to dive into the world of data? Check out which services you can avail!

Data entry services offered by Outsource Philippines for your business needs

What Data Entry Services Must You Have?

You can classify data entry services into two. Choose from offline and online data entry services! What’s the difference between offline data entry tasks and online data entry jobs? Primarily, internet connection. Hence, if you’d like to take a peek at how each service differs, go through our list of common online and offline data entry services.

Offline Date Entry Tasks

1. Basic typing job

Typing task is among the basic  data entry jobs. If you deal with piles of documents and must keep every detail in check, consider outsourcing an expert typist. Rely on this service whenever you need to type lists into an Excel spreadsheet or paragraphs into a Word document.

2. Copy-and-paste job

This one solves your problem if you intend to transfer files or need to backup copies of documents. It doesn’t just involve copying certain data and pasting them to another. What makes it tough is it requires a thorough understanding of the data sets to avoid input mistakes, which might harm the business.

3. Data cleaning

Corporate data isn’t always error-free. However, spotting mistakes can be time-consuming. Thus, hire a data entry service clerk with keen eyes to spot and remove errors from your database.

4. Catalog data entry

Many firms, such as those in retail and sales, entrust their product lists to data entry service providers. You must choose well before you disclose some details about your product—which include serial numbers and prices.

5. Payroll data entry

Carry out this task offline or online, based on what you prefer. But both methods may be risky, given the confidential details you need to complete this task. Make a good decision so you won’t compromise the privacy and security of employees.

Online Data Entry Jobs You Can Outsource


To avoid hacking, your firm can use a program called CAPTCHA. Today, many firms spend much to make new CAPTCHAs just to protect their sites. Thanks to data entry services sites, you can have people that solve raw CAPTCHAs into texts.

2. Online surveys

A popular marketing strategy today is online surveys. How can a data entry firm help you with this practice? They can act as mediators so people can complete online surveys and you can get the much-needed info.

3. Online form filling

Online form filling is another task that requires a careful input of data to the right fields. Does your business need data sets organized through online forms? Let data entry firms handle them for you!

Quality Data: Beyond Data Entry

Entering correct data is vital, though it’s only the first step. There’s more to achieve success. Discover how expert data processors from Outsource-Philippines can help. Ready for your business to grow? Choose from our data entry services today!

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