Attrition in Call Centers

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Investors and operators alike of business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, more so those in the call center sector, realized attrition often occurs. As a result, this became a concern in the industry.

Why is attrition common in the call center sector and other firms engaged in BPO?

Call center sector agents often leave their jobs in search of “greener pastures”. A few succeeded while others failed. Sometimes, this happens way before employers can even form a stable team that will handle vital duties at work.

Reasons for Attrition of Workers in the Call Center Sector

Attrition rates vary among firms in the call center sector, but the most common reasons for it are avoidable.

  • Lure of higher pay

Industry experts say BPO employees earn higher wages than those in other fields. They view this as the greatest reason for attrition. This means an agent quits his or her job if he/she finds another employer that offers better pay, one that’s higher than what he or she expects.

Higher salary and better benefits are the main reasons call center agents hop from one job to another within the BPO industry. Aside from this, industry players even boost this practice by presenting juicy offers that other firms cannot give. Others are even willing to pay trained agents extra to handle special projects.

  • Stress taking its toll

Working atmosphere and conditions in the call center sector are so stressful and competitive that many agents experience burnout after toiling for many months along with occasional extra work hours.

Agents suppose they could only take a break from a change in project assignment or working conditions.

  • Crazy health and lifestyle

BPO agents work at night for several months and often have no way of moving to a more convenient shift. A change in schedule is only possible when their account closes or when their project ends.

Health also suffers because of uncomfortable working conditions. Likewise, doctors often tell agents to take longer breaks and learn to relax.

  • Better work prospects

Staff in the call center sector cannot avoid poor working conditions, but they can always find grander breaks outside the BPO industry. They can learn other skills to grow and mature as a person and as a working individual.