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Tips on Making Article Writing Outsourcing a Success

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op-fp3The content serves as the lifeblood of every web site and blogs on the web. The need for smart and well-written articles is in proportion with the frequency and need of keeping web sites updated. The more frequent a web site needs to be updated, the more articles are needed. Since webmasters are busy doing other things, they are usually left with no option but to outsource their writing tasks.

But like any other outsourcing activities, clients face both the advantages and disadvantages of article writing outsourcing. Moreover, hiring good and reliable writers can be a daunting task as you can’t afford to waste both time and resources with poorly written and content. So what are you supposed to do?

First, you have to get yourself aware of the possible pro’s and con’s of article writing outsourcing. After having a good idea of the possible benefits and drawbacks that outsourcing can give you, you have to determine the amount of tasks you are willing to outsource. When you have identified the scope of work that you are going to outsource, you must be able to scout for the affordable and high-quality article writing services.

Here are some of the things that you have to know about article writing outsourcing:

  • You are relieved from conducting research work
  • You can allot your time in doing other relevant tasks such as web improvements and marketing
  • It is efficient and fast
  • You get the quality that you pay for
  • Writer or writing team might not agree with your terms
  • Article writing may take longer than anticipated
  • The writer might not be that experienced in search engine optimization (SEO) writing
  • Your chosen writer might not be that fluent in English
  • The writer might be excellent for SEO but ineffective for human readers.

Here are some tips on how you can effectively select the right writer for your article writing outsourcing:

1. Create a detailed project proposal

Since individuals are usually tempted to provide one-sentence description of what they want (such as “I want five articles, about two to three pages long”). Though it says something about what you need, it doesn’t contain the specifics of the project.

Specific details should be mentioned in your project proposal. For instance, it is worth mentioning, the format, number of words, desired keywords, topics, and the style that you wanted. You can search for an article online and provide the link to your chosen writer so it will serve as a guide when they start writing yours.

2. Check samples

When looking for possible companies or individuals for article writing outsourcing, make sure to check their samples. If their site doesn’t contain any sample articles or portfolio, contact them and request for one. This will help you determine the writing level of an individual and choose writers with appropriate capacities to write your articles. Moreover, it will also help you choose writers with the necessary know-how and fluency in the language of your choice.

3. Don’t shop by price

In choosing article writers for your blogs and white papers, base your selection on the quality of their written outputs and not on the price of their articles. Remember the saying that “you get what you pay for.” If you have selected an article writer who price his articles for $3, then you can expect for a $3 worth article that more or less can be written by a fifth grader. Your goal as a consumer is to find the best outsourcing company that offers article writing for a fair price for both the company and yourself without sacrificing the quality of the material.

4. Provide them with a copy of your previous article

When opting for article writing outsourcing, it is also a good idea to provide your chosen writer with a copy of your written articles. This will help them know and understand your writing style and mimic it so it can look like an article written by you. This is essentially important especially if you are purchasing all the rights and wanted to place your name on the article.

5. Discuss how long it will take to have the article written

Before making a go with your chosen writer, make sure to ask for a realistic assessment of how long will it take him/her to complete the project. Make sure to allot some time for the completion of the project.

Outsourcing your article writing can be helpful for you and your web site as long as you know how to properly select the best company or individuals where you can outsource these tasks. You may end up paying for a couple of dollars but if you outsource to the right people, the articles and content that you will be getting will be worthy of each cent that you paid to get it done.