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8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Logo for Your Business

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“Good design is good business.”
– Thomas J. Watson/ Founder, IBM

Your business logo serves as your brand ambassador. Its design has the capacity to catch attention, gain interest, influence mood, and engage your potential client. A well-designed logo needs to be unique, memorable, and simple for the masses to immediately understand your firm’s message.

If you’re a business owner who plans to create one, here are tips that can help you achieve the perfect emblem:

Prepare a budget

Expect that when it comes to designing a quality logo, the price is most likely more expensive than norm. Depending on the project requirements, size and age of the company, and the designer’s experience, the price can range from $300 to $300,000.

Choose a legit and suitable designer

Choose a designer whose style of designing fits your preferences, as well as the nature of your business. You can identify a graphic designer’s professionalism with these traits:

  • Polite, knowledgeable, and a good communicator.
  • Asks the client relevant questions to understand his/her business.
  • Prepares a quotation and contract/service agreement to sign before starting.
  • Explains their design process to the client.
  • Considers good grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Warning: there are freelancers who offer logo design for an insanely cheap price of $30 to $150 only. Be very careful; inexperienced designers mostly use clip art images, and don’t provide correct files to use on different media.

Choose a concept

Have your designer research on related logo designs that will help conceptualize your own. This task normally takes two to four days, depending on the project. When he/she finally presents you with the concepts, choose one that is catchy, and exactly represents your brand.

Logo shape

Shapes are the abstract message of your logo; ridged shapes make a direct point, while rounded shapes appear soft and inviting. For instance, if you own a spa, use round shapes to properly convey the brand’s message to your customers.

Choice of colors

Choosing appropriate colors is as important as choosing the design. Different colors link different messages and emotions to a brand. Consider the following:

  • Orange – Happiness
  • Purple – Luxury
  • Green – Harmony
  • Pink – Femininity
  • Blue – Stability
  • Red – Intensity
  • Yellow – Joy/Energy

Your logo is designed to reach out to your clients. Think what your brand is specifically about, and who your target audience is. By doing this, your logo won’t look complex and uninviting to potential clients.


Minimalistic design is in! Do not be afraid to use minimal colors, details, and simpler fonts on your logo. Just make sure it won’t look dull and boring.

Online and mobile presence

In this age—wherein smartphones and tablets are widely used, consider a logo design that will fit and look appealing on every device.

Your logo is the signature of your brand. It’s one of your company’s best assets. To ensure that you’ll have the best representation, hire a skilled expert to provide you with world-class graphic design. Call us now!


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