7 Telltale Signs You Need a New Web Designer

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Is your website not performing well? If you have been exerting great effort yet making little to no progress, consider redesigning your pages or replacing your staff. A good website attracts more audience and potential clients. Also, with the advent of technology, which takes place on the internet and mobile technology, you need to strive for a more engaging site. Check the following warning signs your website needs a new web designer.

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Seven Significant Signs That Your Website Needs a New Web Designer

1. Your designer focuses only on design.

Appearance should not be your designer’s top priority. HubSpot recently reported that majority of users (76%) voted content organization as the most important factor in a website design. Only 10% voted for beautiful appearance, 9% for cutting-edge interactive experience, and 5% for other factors. An organized content can make your site visitors stay longer, buy your products, and/or hire your services. So make sure your designer’s priorities are right.

2. Your designer doesn’t know CMS.

CMS or content management system allows users to create, update, and manage digital content. Unlike in the old days, ordinary people can now update their website’s content and add texts or images with ease. So unless you are keeping your website static, you will benefit greatly if you hunt for a new web designer acquainted with CMS.

3. Your designer doesn’t have an SEO strategy.

SEO or search engine optimization help grow the number of visitors to a website by ranking high in result pages. Without SEO, users would find it hard to search for your website. Hence, your designer should be good at it or at least recommend a good SEO counterpart to help attract traffic. If he has no idea or is clueless on whom to endorse, then you’d better hire a new one.

4. Your designer’s work doesn’t exist anymore.

Recheck your designer’s portfolio and check out his past projects. Are the websites similar to his clients’ current page? If they are, then your designer did a great job in satisfying his client’s needs. But if they are not, perhaps the design got outdated quickly. In this case, do what his former clients did—search for a new web designer.

5. You haven’t heard from your designer in a while.

Communication is the key to every successful project and it holds true even in web design. Even if your designer handles the technical work, he should still consult with you and ask for your suggestions. If you haven’t heard from your designer for a week or more, chances are your website is far from your expectations.

6. Your designer is a relative.

Remember: never hire someone you can’t fire. Sure you can get unbelievable discounts and 24/7 service. However, since you are hiring a relative, chances are your project won’t be their priority.

7. Your designer is you.

Is your website a do-it-yourself? If designing is not your forte, you’d better not do the designing alone. Without the experience, skills, and strategy, your website will fail to attract traffic, rank in result pages, engage with readers, and convert visitors. So find, instead, a new web designer to avoid wasting your time, money, and effort in designing your website.

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