7 Things Graphic Designers Cannot Live Without

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Creativity isn’t enough for graphic designers and aspiring graphic artists to fulfill their tasks. How can you even prove your creativity without using things and other materials? Tools, which alone don’t make creatives great either, just help them produce artistic pieces. But which tools can help creative persons bring imaginary things to life? Below is a list of graphic design essentials that no pro designers can live without.

A Checklist of Graphic Design Essentials
1. Computer

graphic design essentials: computer

Certainly, this is the most important thing for pros—both freelancers and office workers of all creative industries. When installed with the appropriate software and other resources, you’ll come up with great graphic design pieces, regardless if you’re using a PC or a Mac. Not only does a computer help in creating designs, but it is also a means for research and networking, two vital things that further learning, skills, and credentials.

2. Sketchbook


It has a few functions, making it one of the most useful tools designers can have. You can use it in listing ideas that unexpectedly come out of nowhere, as well as in planning projects spontaneously. Alternatively, you can use it when you get bored and want to break the monotony of your task. A five-minute doodling can surely give relief for it calms you down. Another good thing is, your doodles can make a great content either to your social media page or personal portfolio.

3. Pen/Pencil

colored pens

Definitely, the use of sketchbooks or other kinds of paper is never without pens. In fact, graphic designers are known to have a passion for all things visual and typographic. Thus, bringing pens and pencils anywhere has become a habit, if not a trait, among graphic designers.

4. Portfolio


Among other graphic design essentials, this one seems something you didn’t acquire but prepared by you. Well, actually, it may mean both. You can’t live and practice the profession without your collection of creative pieces. Your portfolio is a proof of your know-how, which can bolster your edge for a job or project. With all these works in front of you while making graphic designs, it will be easier for you to find gaps and changes in the entirety of your outputs.

5. Adobe software

adobe software as graphic design essential

Designers today don’t just master Photoshop and/or Illustrator, but also other tools under Adobe Systems’ name. Adobe’s creative suite is so wide-ranging, making the subscription a nice investment to improve your skills. Do it and you’ll also get to explore InDesign and other software on graphic design, web development, photography, and a few other fields.

6. Wacom tablet

wacom tablet

Want the high-tech and more fun way of sketching? Have a Wacom tablet to digitize your work and soon you’ll see your digital drawing taking you to greater heights.

7. Office chair

office chair

This seems to be the most trivial among graphic design essentials since it has nothing to do to display your talent. But graphic artists would agree that this is vital in accomplishing a great design. It’s because nothing beats the feeling of enjoying the comfort amid a long-hour work.

Other graphic design essentials include books, phone, time-tracking app, social network, DSLR camera, and some sorts of inspiration. Now, if the task overwhelms you, barring you in making great pieces, seek expert help. Outsource it to Outsource-Philippines. The firm offers graphic design services that include logo design, social media covers, and other graphic arts.