6 Awful Statements You Should Never Say to an Outsourced Writer

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Being in the business for several years, we meet various clients and, so far, we’ve dealt with inconsiderate and unreasonable ones. A few gave vague instructions, sent incomplete details, and expected perfect outputs. To keep a good working relationship with your outsourced writer, make sure you never utter these awful phrases to them.

1. “I can also write if I want.

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A writer’s work is not as easy as stringing a few words together and letting the editor do the rest. Before you say you can write, too, think of the effort made by your outsourced writer in completing your order. From researching, validating, writing, proofreading to answering rude calls and e-mails, at least an appreciation will be enough.

2. “I don’t know exactly what I want. I’ll tell you when I see it.

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This statement often comes from undecided clients that haven’t thought of their goals yet. We may offer free minor revisions, but it will be impossible to explain a program that lacks defined objectives. As writers, we will finish your order fast and will love it if you will refine your plans before hiring our service. You can discuss them with us upfront, so we can guide you on the steps.

3. “You get paid for doing it?

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Yes, you’ll find people that pay writers to handle the work just as they pay someone to handle legal matters, treat their diseases, and balance their accounting books. People looked surprise to learn that one pays an outsourced writer as if they weren’t aware of it. Well, writing isn’t a hobby for everyone because others do it for a living.

4. “Can’t you do it as a favor?

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His/her writing job is, most of the time, a writer’s bread and butter and doing it as a favor won’t pay our bills and feed our families. We value time and avoid mixing personal requests with official business. As a feeling individual, we understand you want to save money by getting favors, but we’re trying to make a living, too.

5. “I could hire others for half your price, but I like your style.

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You can buy articles from other firms for half our price, and we’ll see you again in a month after you realized why they’re so cheap. Yet, in case you don’t want to risk your time and money, here’s a preview of what writing beyond $5 looks like.

6. I’ve already given you information and, to me, they’re enough.

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Sometimes we meet clients who don’t answer calls and e-mails and refuse to clarify details, making the work harder for us as an outsourced writer. As your writer, we can’t decide on your program(s); hence, we ask questions to understand your plans and inputs. We keep you involved to lessen or avoid revisions. Thus, if you won’t respond or cooperate, the whole relationship and writing will be in jeopardy.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our job and our clients as an outsourced writer, but sometimes, as with every person out there, we feel offended and annoyed, too.

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