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5 Reasons to Outsource Cold Calling to Philippines

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Just the name sends you the creeps. You’re in the middle of something when you heard a ring. You thought it was from someone important so you picked it up, only to hear, “Helloow, this is Annie with the Support Co., are you in need of” — you already know what they want from you so you dropped it off.

Everybody just hate cold calls eh? Probably, especially if somebody with a strange accent is on the other end. But miraculously, it works for many, only if done right. Reconsider these points: outsourced cold calling might work for you too:

1. Cold calls from Philippines are human

If you suppose that you’re talking with a broken record, then you’re not getting the right impression about the art of prospecting. There are actually sales representatives who don’t talk like sales representatives at all. And guess, they’re the rare breed that knows how to make you feel that you’re hearing from real flesh and blood. Some people just have the innate ability to entertain, be spontaneous, and humorous if needed be.

2. Philippine natives adapt English accent

Just imagine, the American language has been a part of the Philippine curriculum starting from kindergarten! And to think that more than half of the teenage population knows just how to sing Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga even without a copy of their lyrics. And those who outsource cold calling are handpicking only those with impeccable, if not near perfect English accent. Who’d bet that brown callers can’t strike a great conversation?

3. They are well acquainted, if not adjusted to American culture

They know the stuff, especially from movie influences, books, music, and heck, even fashion. Most know about the straightforward and laid-back casual communication that you’re accustomed with. If you’ll be asking, yes, some even adapt them. No worry about cultural barriers. It is a very unlikely scenario that a Philippine agent will screw up because the prospect can’t digest what they’re talking about.

4. Some do it by the script, some do it by the heart

“Hi, could you lend thirty seconds for a starving salesperson?”

There are actually people who open a conversation without sounding scripted, and these types of marketers are often found in the Philippines. The best thing about unscripted calls is that it interests any human who encounters them. It engages the customer instead of making it sound like a mechanical one-way conversation.

5. Friendly nature that doesn’t force you to nod right away

They’re not too fast. The thing with selling is that you don’t just have to tell what the good qualities of the product are. You also need to be concerned on the unique personality of the prospect you’re talking to. Brown representatives boast of their ability to consider the feelings and specific needs of people. They have genuine empathy, which makes the conversation go smooth and comfortable.

Last bit of advice: when you’re deciding to outsource cold calling to Philippines, try calling the company. In that way, you will get to know the way they approach customers. If you find them natural and amiable (which is most likely to happen), you may reconsider that cold calls don’t have to be chilly at all.