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5 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Any Business

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As an executive, it’s tempting to jump right in and create accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Yet to be successful in social media, mere participation is not enough. Show your followers you care for them and let them sense the human side of your business. Only then will you be able to get a return on investment (ROI) from the time, effort, and money you spend on social media.

To aid in the growth of your business, we are giving you the strategies below to help humanize your social media marketing efforts.

1. Treat your followers as actual people.

Avoid playing the numbers game and focusing on page views alone, instead pay attention to engagement. With these, you’re treating your followers as actual people. You think more of who they are, what they need, and why they interact with you online.

2. Focus on who they are, not on what they can give you.

The people who follow you may not be your patrons yet, but they are potential ones. Avoid overthrowing ads in their faces. They’ll ignore them and look for another business that focuses on them as humans.

3. Build a genuine relationship with your followers.

Don’t think of getting easy sales from new followers, but build genuine relationships with them. Your main goal isn’t to generate sales with every status update or promotional tweet you make. Treat every new interaction as a chance to build engagement with your patrons. Through this, their comfort with your brand grows, along with their willingness to buy.

4. Help your followers decide than force them to buy.

Once you developed authentic relationships with your followers, ask them to visit your business’ web site. Tell them of the amazing deals and new items you offer through social media, but don’t bombard them with updates trying to squeeze every dollar out of their wallets. Don’t force them to buy. Let them decide.

5. Be a good listener.

One of the best things to boost ROI when you’re on social media is to be a good listener. Ask your followers for feedback on your brand and in your social media participation. Likewise, show them you’re listening and that you value their feedback.

Whether you own a small or a large business, follow these tricks to be effective online. For more social media marketing strategies and offshore knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) solutions, visit Outsource-Philippines’ website now.

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net