2D/3D Animation

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With the growing popularity of 2D and 3D animation’s applications in many industries, there is certainly a need to provide an even more competitive, professional, and effective animation service that’s a cut above the rest.

With an established animation industry, the Philippines is definitely one of the leading players in outsourcing animation services. In fact, famous companies such as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network subcontract their animation work in the country.

At OUTSOURCE-PHILIPPINES, our world-class team of 2D/3D animators combines creativity and expertise in animation tools and technology. With this, you can be sure that you are provided with effective 2D/3D animation outsourcing service.

In our outsourcing services pricing, our 2D/3D animators can work for you full time, with a fixed monthly charge; or for a specific number of days/months, which will be charged on a per hour basis.