15 Things to Do to Have Happy Call Center Employees

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What is a call center agent? By definition, they’re the people who handle customer calls including: account inquiries, complaints, and support calls. But they’re much more than that! They’re the face of a business, the bridge that connects a company to its customers,and the very people who have to talk to upset clients while maintaining a professional façade and keeping a smile on their faces. Doesn’t sound like a simple job now, does it?

It’s important for employers to keep their support staff happy, because employees have the biggest impact on a company. If they’re underpaid and overworked, they won’t be productive and will be unpleasant to work with, but if they’re happy, it will reflect on their performance. Remember, happy workforce = happy customers.

So how does one keep his staff satisfied and pleased? Here are 15 tips that will surely put a smile on your personnel’s faces:

Positive Reinforcement:

  • The Quick Fix. Giving small and cheap prices throughout the day gives staff more reason to do better. People are competitive by nature, so whether you’re giving away snacks or mugs, you can be sure that employees will be fighting to get it.
  • Reward Good Work Right Away. Complimenting someone is free, so give your employees bragging rights by praising them for a job well done. Preferably loud enough that competing teams could hear, so they can be motivated too.
  • Share with Loved Ones. These can be in monetary form, tickets to see a movie, or anything that your employees can share with their families or partners. People work harder when they’re working for something or someone. So let them know that you care about thei loved ones as well.

Attitude and Outlook:

  • Optimism. Not every day is a good day. But as a leader, it is your job to make sure everyone is enthusiastic, energetic, and happy. Your staff will follow your lead, so keep smiling and greet everyone.
  • Let Go of Bad Eggs. No matter how hard you try, there are just some people who refuse to cooperate. These people are often the source of problems within the team because they demotivate good agents. Learn to let them go and cut your losses before they cause more damage.
  • Don’t Promote Unworthy People. One of the major causes of dissatisfaction in a company is having unpleasant superiors. Choose wisely and ask other personnel whether or not they find a candidate deserving of a promotion.

Evaluation and Feedback:

  • Senior Manager Feedback. A telephone call or personal greeting from a senior manager congratulating a team member on a ‘good week’ is as inspiring as a gift voucher. Never forget to celebrate success.
  • Team Huddle before Every Shift. A pre-shift huddle is a great opportunity for a team lead to discuss goals and address concerns within the team. Talking to them constantly about issues and congratulating them for a job well done boosts morale, which in return, causes them to work harder.
  • Individual Review Sessions. Team leads should have ample time to coach their agents individually; Discuss areas for improvement, ask about concerns, and set personal goals.
  • Know What Your Staff Feels. Learn what motivates each one, and make them feel that they all play a vital part in the success of the business. Use employee feedback software, which provides an opportunity for them to ‘air their thoughts’ in a non-confrontational way. Provide gathered information to team leaders so that they have up-to-date knowledge about how their agent feels.

Proper Training and Tools:

  • Give Them the Right Tools to Work With. More often than not, call center agents are frustrated with their hardware, software, and tools. As an employer,it’s your responsibility to make sure your teams have the right equipment, in order for them to provide the best service for customers.
  • Train, Train, Train. Every time a new system, tool, or information comes out,train your agents. Knowledge is power, and you should give them as much power as they need to give their customers the highest quality of service possible.

Professional and Lively Environment:

  • Mix it Up and Keep it Fresh. No matter how much you love your job, if it’s repetitive, it will get boring. As a result, you won’t be inspired to do it excellently. This is especially true with call center agents. So come up with new ways to excite your people.
  • Clean and Colorful Work Space. A dirty office does not encourage workers to go to work and use the facilities. Make sure the workplace is always kept neat by maintenance, and infuse color to give off a more playful and relaxing vibe.
  • Encourage Staff to Dress Smartly. Customers rarely see call center staff in person, but it is important for agents to act and look professional at all times.Everyone must dress smartly. Putting on business clothes for work can put a person in a professional mindset which can also boost confidence and motivation.

A company cannot function without employees. This is why showing them how important they are, is crucial to making sure the business runs smoothly and effectively. Get the best customer support services with Outsource-Philippines, home of the most efficient and professional call center staff.