10 Tips to Win the Top Rank in Google Search Engine

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Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.
– Wendy Piersall/ Blogger, Author and Illustrator/ Ulysses Press

Are you creating content that is valuable enough to link to? Is it entertaining, educational, informative, or inspiring? Do you wish to see your brand on Google’s number 1 spot?
Consider these tips and you’re guaranteed to ricochet to the top rank:

1. Create Unique Content

Google loves what people love. Create original, entertaining, and engaging content to increase your site’s traffic, get backlinks, and shares from users in and out of your industry.

2. Focus on Content Topic

You don’t have to dwell on keywords to land the top rank. Spend more time in creating quality and relevant content to attract visitors on a regular basis.

3. Take Off-Page Optimization Seriously

According to Jeff Bulas; social media marketing blogger, author, speaker and strategist; majority of SEO experts agree that off-page link building techniques are responsible for 80% of SEO campaigns.

4. Backlink

A backlink is a hyperlink that a user brings to a page; it’s important as it becomes votes for your page. The more websites you have linked, the higher rank you’ll get.
Here are quick and easy tips to get backlinks:
• Content Creation
• Competitor Analysis
• Guest Posting
• Testimonials
• Link Reclamation
• Blogger Reach

5. Be Active on Social Media

Another excellent SEO strategy is maximizing the use of social media sites. It acts as your powerhouse to share engaging content to your target audience. As a result, you’ll gain likes and shares in addition to the traffic you get for your website.

6. Optimize Keywords

Keyword research tools, like Google Adwords, help you understand how your target audience searches for your products or services online. You can use this to come up with appropriate keywords to use in your strategy.

7. Know the Importance of Images, Titles, Meta Tags, and Meta Description

These things are essential for on-page optimization, so remember:
• The Title and Meta tags should describe your page
• The description should concisely state what your page is about and;
• Include Alt text in images

8. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

A huge number of users access social media and search engines through their portable devices. Building a mobile-friendly version of your website will guarantee audience satisfaction and increase in Google page rank.

9. Make Content Shareable

To gain visibility and traffic to your page, enable social media sharing to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus.

10. Monitor and Evaluate

Use tracking tools like Google Analytics to check how your audience interacts with your site; what pages do they visit most? Which keywords drive traffic to your site the most? How long are they staying?

It takes time, effort, and these 10 tips to woo Google and reach the top. Outsource-Philippines provide excellent search engine optimization services to help any business stand out in their industry. Have you optimized your website? Call us now!

Source: Jeffbullas’ Blog, TheHuffingtonPost.com